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  1. Hanna C. Howard
    December 6, 2010

    Great post, Shannon. I’m not a Twilight-hater, but I think the fanatic obsession around the love-triangle is both ill-deserved and harmful. Thanks for being bold enough to boil it down to its distinctly un-empowering essence.

    I’d like to add that expecting boys to behave like Edward or Jacob is also asking for trouble. How many teenage boys, after all, are up for long talks about their feelings between “chaste cuddles”? (Love that description, by the way.) While it wouldn’t hurt some boys to adopt a bit of Edward’s chivalry, I think it is unfair for girls to expect the kind of relationship Bella and Edward portray–and downright dangerous to put effort into duplicating or creating it.

    Much better, wouldn’t you say, to take Katsa’s approach of focusing instead on using one’s strengths and talents to better the world? And if a boy like Po comes along who loves and respects the well-rounded, independent woman you are…? Well, all the better.

    Thanks for posting, Shannon. Great discussion.


  2. Natalie
    December 6, 2010

    Good job! I am not a twilight hater, in fact I read the books and liked them but I do know there are better books out there. So…good job!


  3. Darrell Smith
    December 21, 2010

    I have read and enjoyed all the twilight books and seen the movies. I have always been concerned about the Bella character’s flat affectation and lack of self confidence. You really put the problem into perspective as well as provided a warning on the unrealistic view of intersexual relationships.

    Have a great holiday, Shannon.


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