The Last Cupcake, After the Breakup, Hospice

By Moira Donohue

The Last Cupcake

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In the middle of the table,
On a blue and yellow plate,
With a mound of sprinkled frosting
Sat the very last cupcake.

In my family you are treated
As a criminal, or worse
If you eat the only cupcake
And don’t ask the others first.
But that frosting was so fluffy
With its curlicues of pink,
That I swiped it with my finger,
Without taking time to think.

Then I tried to smooth it over
So that no one else would know.
But it still looked so inviting
That I had another go.

Pretty soon that chocolate cupcake
Was as bald as Grandpa’s head!
There was no place I could hide it
So I ate it all instead.

After the Breakup

Crayons - Twin Falls, Idahophoto © 2009 Jennifer Marshall | more info (via: Wylio) Crammed in a bottom drawer
My old box of crayons.
64, once arrayed in a rainbow
And smelling like birthday candles.
Three are missing, one is broken,
The tips are flat.
I scribble poppy pink, crimson, then layer azure on top.
I coat it in grape, cerulean and sienna.
A muddy, murky, confused swab of color
Like me.


Tubes spike like porcupine quills.
Each breath a scrape of sandpaper.
Memories glow tempera bright,
Regrets sting like spider bites.
Time marches through quicksand.
Voices fade into whispers.
Life’s threads stretch, break, let go.
Let them.

Moira Donohue grew up in Bayside, Queens (NYC) and was educated at Mississippi University for Women (’75) and the University of Santa Clara School of Law (’78).  Today she lives in northern Virginia with her husband, Rob, also a lawyer; her two children, who are both in college, and her two dogs, Sniffles the pug and Quincy the Cavapoo.  In 2006, Albert Whitman & Co took the plunge and published the quirky picture book ALFIE THE APOSTROPHE in which reveals the secret personalities of punctuation marks.  They followed ALFIE in 2008 with PENNY AND THE PUNCTUATION BEE, both of which are now available in paperback!  Moira has also published two children’s plays, THE THREE BEARS VERSUS GOLDI LOCKS, available from Contemporary Drama Service, and AN ALPHABET STORY in Plays Magazine (November, 2002); several articles and stories; and a children’s poem. Visit Moira’s website!

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  1. I love these three poems and the hospice one reaches right into my heart and twists it with emotion!

  2. Adele says:

    The Last Cupcake was delicious, Moira. I gobbled it right up to the very last crumb and will remember its sweetness for a long time to come! There is nothing muddy or murky about you, you are as colorful and sharp as a new box of 64.

  3. alexasiv says:

    the cupcake one relates so much, how everyone wants that last cupcake but you don’t want to be rude and just take it.
    the crayon one is nice because the colors also can represent emotions A muddy, murky, confused swab of color
    Like me.” those emotions can be described as colors and so can all the other 64 colors.

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