World Poetry Day, Call for Submissions!

In honor of World Poetry Day, YARN has created an invitational poetry event called “Measuring the World: The Geography of Poetry.”

YARN invites poets from all over the world to submit poems inspired by a common writing prompt on global themes.  The chosen poems will be published on YARN  on World Poetry Day, March 21, 2012.

Here is the “Measuring the World” writing prompt:

  1. earth

    Photo courtesy of NASA.

    Using a shared text (a Wiki page from our modern era) about an ancient poet (Erathothenes – a poet, librarian, astronomer, and inventor of the discipline of geography), poets will each devise their own poem on the theme of “Measuring the World.”

  2. Please include at least three phrases (a phrase=2+ words in a row) from the Wiki text in your own poem. Thus, you are not writing poems based on “found text,” per se.  Rather, it is “deliberately found text” shared amongst you.
  3. Aside from the one stipulation to draw a few lines from the Wiki page, you are free to interpret the “Measuring the World” theme however you wish – literally, figuratively, personally or politically.
  4. Here is your shared text about Eratosthenes, the first man to measure the world:
  5. Feel free to include with your poetry submission any other collateral (maps, visuals, anything you used as further inspiration), and – if the images are in the public domain – we will consider publishing them alongside your poem, space permitting.

What are you waiting for?  Get writing! To be considered, please submit your poem and a short bio by Feb 21, 2012 to: poetry[at]


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