Piñata, The Consolation of Clouds, and A Tougher Crust

Imagine our delight when YARN alum Jacqueline Jules submitted more wonderful poetry to us recently!  Happy 2013, indeed.  Enjoy.

By Jacqueline Jules


Image courtesy of Guillaume Paumier (flickr.com)

In a recurring dream,
I turn in circles,
a red cloth blocking my eyes.
There is a stick in my hand,
and a treasure filled with candy
dangles just above my head.
I swing with all my strength,
hitting air and hearing laughter.
Then I take off the blindfold
to get back in line another time.
All night I play,
convinced after each turn,
that with one more chance
to swing that stick blindly,
I’ll burst open the piñata,
and all the pretty sweets
will clatter at my feet.

The Consolation of Clouds

Image courtesy of TraumTeufel666 (flickr.com)

In its gaseous state,
water is colorless and odorless,
so imperceptible,
it could be called imaginary.
But when this same
colorless vapor condenses
miles above the ground
majestic white mountains
appear in a blue diamond sky.
And the sunlight
streaming through
serrated shapes
like fingers reaching
down to stroke my cheek
is as bright as a mirror
words of consolation
across the miles.

A Tougher Crust

A careless word
has sliced my heart
like a bagel on a board.
Now there’s two tender halves
crying out for soft cream
and sweet jelly.
Next time,
the knife will meet
a tougher crust.

Jacqueline Jules is the author of 24 books including “Unite or Die: How Thirteen States Became a Nation” and “Zapato Power.” Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Christian Science Monitor, Cosmopolitan, America, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, The Whirlwind Review, and Imitation Fruit. She is honored to be able to say that her work has appeared two other times in YARN, the March 2010 issue and the March 2011 issue. Visit her website at www.jacquelinejules.com and read her thoughts about writing at  http://penciltipswritingworkshop.blogspot.com/

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