YARN Twitter Contest at Paper Lantern’s AWP Event!

We are so psyched to be joining our friends from Sucker and Figment, and making new friends at Paper Lantern‘s AWP event next week in Boston.

Especially cool:  You don’t have to be attending the AWP conference in order to go to this event (in fact, YARN wasn’t able to make it to the whole conference this year, either).  You do have to click on this link to sign up in advance, though.

3 of YARN’s editors will be at the event: Diana Renn, Kate Burak, and Kerri Majors.  We’ll be there to answer all your questions about YARN, short-form YA, submitting to us, or anything else you want to know that we happen to have the answers to.

Oh yeah, and we’ll also be hosting a super cool

LIVE Twitter Poetry CONTEST

during the event on March 6.  You DON’T HAVE TO BE AT AWP to enter.  Tons of writers who love AWP can’t get to the contest, or to the Paper Lantern Event, and that’s cool, and we don’t want to penalize you.   Our contest is a way to join the party online!  Here’s what you need to do:

  • During the Paper Lantern event, from 6-7:45pm on Wednesday, March 6 (and NOT before or after, or your entry won’t count!)
  • Post a 122 character poem that responds to YARN’s tagline “What’s your YARN?” (Why not 140 characters, the usual Tweet length?  Because you need to include 2 #s–see below)
  • That’s a broad question, we know, but consider “YARN” as a synonym here for writing.  Here are some ideas, not to limit, but to inspire you: Word plays on knitting/spinning/looming and writing; meditations on writing in general; poems about the creative process, or your own muses.  Also check out this cool NYT article on Twitter poetry:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/20/weekinreview/20twitterature.html
  • Include the 2 essential #s that declare you as entering the contest: #awp, and #whatsyouryarn (for a total of 18 characters, per above).
  • Feel free to include other @s and #s inside your poem, or after your poem, if you have space.
  • Denote line breaks with a single /, as in “so much depends/upon/a red wheel/barrow/glazed with rain …” (BTW, with the /s, William Carlos William’s famous poem is only 87 characters in its entirety.)
  • If you are physically present at the Paper Lantern Event, please SIGN our Twitter Contest sheet with your Twitter ID so we know you’re here!
  • There will be 2 WINNERS–1 writer at the Paper Lantern event, and 1 out there in the Twitterverse.  Each winner will receive 3 books written by YARN editors: Editor and Founder Kerri Majors’ forthcoming “This is Not a Writing Manual”; Fiction Editor Diana Renn’s “Tokyo Heist”; and Poetry Editor Kate Burak’s “Emily’s Dress and Other Missing Things.”
  • How do you win?  Get the most “favorites” on your poem.  Please do NOT ask for retweets on your poem, as this violates Twitter’s own rules and regulations for contests.  Thanks.

Can’t wait to read your YARNs!  




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