3 Poems by Callie R. Tullos

By Callie R. Tullos


“vivacity” © Emilie (https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearlydeparted/3553533688/)

i made silly faces in every photo
i hid under thick brown bangs
i snorted when i laughed at stupid boys
i practiced in the mirror

i took too long, hot showers
i cried for hours repeating sad songs
i wore a baggy jacket in the blistering heat of june
i chewed bubble gum for lunch

i drowned in ferocious fields of foliage
i killed myself slowly
i went painfully unnoticed
i slipped through the cracks

i draw my face in sand
i play pretend on my cheeks
i hide symphonies between my pauses
i take too many pink pills to sleep

i am drowning in fields of foliage

I am slipping through the cracks.

Fresh Mud

There is fresh mud on my shoes,
and your cigarette smoke has caught my clothes,
but a little patch in the fabric
smells like your cologne, mixed with honeysuckle.
Fresh and clean.

Now I’ve got to tell my lie
about where I’ve been.
If they buy it,
I’ll be with you tomorrow.
So I can get more mud on my shoes,
and your cigarette smoke in my hair.
I’ll kiss the honeysuckle off your lips.

For now I have to go in.
It’s so hard to leave.

Our time is up.

“Fun in the Pool” © Harsha K R (https://www.flickr.com/photos/mynameisharsha/4814714879/)

The way I loved him

I miss the way I loved him,
Head over heels with butterflies constantly fluttering in my stomach.
We’d talk for hours about absolutely nothing,
But my cheeks would hurt from smiling.

Those movies had nothing on him and me.
We were special,

I miss the love that felt like a free fall into a pool on the first day of summer.
Electrifying and terrifying.
–I missed that love!
But eventually the free fall ends
And the cold water rushes all over.
The colds sends a chill down my spine
And makes me question why I jumped,
But I burst from the water’s surface,
With that familiar smile on my face.
I remember why.

I miss the way I loved him,
But it is because the way I loved him,
That makes me love him, still.

Callie R. Tullos is a native of Jackson, MS with hopes of graduating in the spring of 2018 from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in English. She has been published in Product Magazine, an online publication run by the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. In her free time she enjoys talking to her dogs and pretending they can talk back and writing fiction and poetry that no one will ever read.

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  1. Clare Tullos says:

    Awesome use of words for descriptions

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