Breaths Underwater, I Remember

By Jacy Duan

Breaths Underwater

Your heart gasped for breath
Reaching out to mine, fingers stretched.
Holding on to whispers,
To fine, white, wispy strands that slipped
Between our lips and tumbled onto the floor.

My heart gasped for breath
Ripping itself open and spilling the heartbeats
That we once shared.
The soft, sweet, hums splashed onto our shirts
And silently slithered down into puddles on the floor.

Our hearts gasped for breath
Pushing, kicking, screaming for one last time.
Drowning under past promises,
The tender, horrible words crashed out of our mouths
Violently bursting onto the floor.
Then the water was silent.

“Underwater” © David Hurt

I Remember

I was doing better until I remembered
The thrumming of the raindrops on your Camry
And your long legs surrendered between mine,
My head on your chest like a bird in its nest
And your lips begging for more.
I was wondering if our memories were still memories
If only I remembered them.
If only I could still taste your breath
And touch your whispers
And smell your warm, velvet skin
Melting my frigid fingertips.
Does this matter if you now touch another
And envelop her in your heartbeat
And succumb to her body.
You will tell her you love her
As you once told me
And those three words that once pumped my blood,
Will drain my body
Because I have lost.
I have lost this moment and that one and every one.
Because memories do not live
If only I remember.
Tonight, I will release myself to the stars,
And our memories will no longer live
Save in the sky
And I will look to them for light to guide me
But never let them drown me again.

Jacy Duan is currently a senior in Southern California. She has previously received the Gold Key in Short Story for the 2016 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and is a California Arts Scholar. She has been published in other poetry publications such as Navigating the Maze and enjoys the extreme poignancy and expression poetry provides, allowing her to express her teenage angst.

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