1234, it’s ok

By Eva Hays


“Looking for love in the wrong places” © i Nelson (https://www.flickr.com/photos/inelly1/16656044820/)

Bird wings flutter
in the empty air
the only sound the
absence of your voice
haunts me I
picture you in the dark
staring out the window
so no one can see your tears
the dew drops on my
feet remind me

I’m sorry
I love you

the two things I want
to say
over and over

I dropped my perfume
bottle on the ground yesterday
thousands of glass pieces
shattering everywhere
this feels the same
gathering shards into my
hands until they bleed

I hear faint echoes
in the distance someone
dribbling a basketball
your heartbeat
straining to keep going
my ears straining to hear
waiting for

it’s ok

brushing away
the tears and
blaming them on
the clouds ahead
sweeping the pieces
of your soul
under the radiator

like no one will notice

i see shadows of
myself in your eyes
i know more than you think
i have felt trapped
inside my rib


Eva Hays is a sophomore at Exeter High School and an aspiring poet and writer. Previously, her work has been published in the Canvas Literary Journal and Rattle Young Poets Anthology. When not writing, she is playing soccer and reading.

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