Francisco X. Stork is Back!

YARN is honored to have the one and only Francisco Stork back in the Essays section, with a reply to his earlier essay “Depressed Not Depressing,” about the process of writing the novel that became “The Memory of Light.” This may sound like a craft essay just for writers, but it’s not–it’s about the human condition, juts like all of Francisco’s memorable writing.


The 3AM Taxi

Debut YA author K. C. Tansley (who’s already been around the adult publishing block as Kourtney Heinz) is getting great reviews on her supernatural murder mystery “The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts”

Here she reveals to YARN a scary real-life moment in her life when her safety, and her bff relationship with her college roommate, was at stake.


Me Versus The Spanish Teacher

We were SO excited to get this essay from Lyn Miller-Lachmann just as her latest novel, “Surviving Santiago” comes out!

[…] people often ask if I had a Spanish teacher who inspired me. They look surprised when I say I did not—quite the opposite, in fact. My high school Spanish teacher and I did not get along, and after my junior year, she kicked me out of her class. […]


The Nice Things

A small gem of an essay by high school student Morgan Cross.

I’m supposed to think about the nice things. That’s what they say.

We used to play guitar together. That was a nice thing. Like me, you were ambitious. You didn’t ask if I was experienced enough—you knew I would be ready for a challenge […]


Retired at Seventeen

Kerri is super excited to bring you this fascinating essay, and hopes it inspires more writers to tell stories from their own lives and submit them to YARN.

By Shannon Bushee

The first time I realized that something was wrong with my legs was an October afternoon a few years ago, during my senior year of high school. I was walking home from school […]


Our Father, Who Art in Heaven (Maybe?)

By Jilly Gagnon

We’d already done the hushed-voices, bedside consultation about whether it was time to pull the plugs.

We’d already suffered through the shock—in one of the endless meetings with the doctors during that last week—of learning that P., the woman we thought of […]


Writing What You Know vs. Writing What You Want to Know

YARN is psyched to have this essay by veteran novelist Liz Fichera, who has something important to share with all of us about writing, diversity, revision, and finding the humanity in your characters.

[…] Something you should know: I am neither a teen nor Native. In fact, on the surface, my background differs greatly from Fred’s. Below the surface, however, I found that while developing and writing Fred, we were more alike than I realized. […]


Sex. Or Something.

We know you’ll love this hilarious, confessional essay by high school senior Kathryn Fitzpatrick.

My first boy crush was on Adam Lambert. It was seventh grade. It was an awkward time. […]



By Matthew Brunell

I stepped out of her room with a smile plastered on my face. I said goodbye, and said that yes, of course I would call her tomorrow. Her own smile looked ecstatic on her slightly round face. […]


Derek Kirk Kim: YARN’s First Video Essay!

We are thrilled to present our first ever multi-media YARN, where Derek Kirk Kim shares with us the process behind the making of his latest graphic novel “Tune: Vanishing Point” with a look at his outlining, paneling, and the awesome tools his uses to make his stories come to life.


Disability Visibility

It’s not every day you get to read an essay by an author who writes so candidly about their writing process and their disability, but that’s exactly what this fascinating essay by Lyn Miller-Lachmann, author of “Gringolandia” and the forthcoming “Rogue,” treats us to. If you or anyone you know needs a little compassion […]

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