By Matthew Brunell

I stepped out of her room with a smile plastered on my face. I said goodbye, and said that yes, of course I would call her tomorrow. Her own smile looked ecstatic on her slightly round face. […]


Derek Kirk Kim: YARN’s First Video Essay!

We are thrilled to present our first ever multi-media YARN, where Derek Kirk Kim shares with us the process behind the making of his latest graphic novel “Tune: Vanishing Point” with a look at his outlining, paneling, and the awesome tools his uses to make his stories come to life.


Disability Visibility

It’s not every day you get to read an essay by an author who writes so candidly about their writing process and their disability, but that’s exactly what this fascinating essay by Lyn Miller-Lachmann, author of “Gringolandia” and the forthcoming “Rogue,” treats us to. If you or anyone you know needs a little compassion […]


The Vodka Drinker

By Anonymous

Vodka kills you. That much I’ve learned from the past few months.

Jenna and I had smuggled ourselves and the chemical into my room and set about clearing the glass bottle of its contents, telling my parents, the unbeknownst hosts, that we were just having a girls’ night. […]


Depressed, Not Depressing

By Francisco X. Stork

A few months ago, Cheryl Klein, my editor at Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, asked if I would be interested in writing a novel about a young girl recovering from depression and a failed suicide attempt. My initial reaction was that such a book was the last thing I wanted to write. […]


Ta-da!! The Contest-Winning Essay, with Q&A

YARN is so pleased to bring you the final, revised and edited version of “Eyes Like Mine,” the winner of our Family Gatherings Essay Contest with Figment! Jackie Lewis is one heck of a writer—fearless in her words, and in her writing process. We really hope you […]


In case you missed our Family Gatherings Contest with Figment

In case you missed our contest, below are the original details. Thank you to everyone who participated! Thank you to Susan Beth Pfeffer for helping us judge!!


How I Lost Catcher

By Christen Gresham

I saw Catcher’s parents at Taco Bell last night. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see them there, because in my town, every Baptist goes to Taco Bell after Wednesday night church. My family and Catcher’s family were no exception. Only this time it felt different, because I didn’t know what to say to Catcher’s parents, […]


Fairly Tales: or, One Author’s Adventures with Enhancing an Ebook

We are honored to present a piece written exclusively for YARN by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, “Fairly Tales; or, One Author’s Adventures with Enhancing an Ebook.” Timed perfectly to give you insight into her new book, “Wisdom’s Kiss” […]


Re-Read: Meeting My Muse: Francesca Lia Block

Kerri’s Pick: Tomas Mournian’s essay

Last summer, I received an email from Tomas Mournian asking if YARN would cover his new novel “hidden.” Being the scrupulous editor that I am, I did a little checking up on Mr. Mournian, and discovered that not only was he a hot-s–t journalist in LA, and “hidden” his first buzz-worthy novel, he’d also graduated from Berkeley, just like moi! So we exchanged a few emails […]


How I Went From Hating Research to Loving It

By Dorothy Hearst

I was minding my own business the day the wolves barged into my apartment, demanding that I write about them. I was thinking about dogs, and how amazing it is that we have such a close relationship with them. […]

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