Lunchtime Chat with Leila Sales

Leila sat down for a virtual lunch with YARN editors Kerri Majors and Diana Renn to dish about her new book . . . as well as writing vs. editing, YA trends, finding your passion, and, of course, chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Please enjoy this transcript of our lunchtime chat […]


Interview with verse novelist Sarah Tregay!

So, what happens when your mom discovers your dad is cheating with another guy and she drives you from your home, boyfriend, and collection of pals you affectionately call the Leftovers and takes you to New Hampshire where you have to start your life from scratch? Sarah Tregay, in “Love and Leftovers,” […]


Not to be missed: Interview with Elizabeth Hand

This is a very special interview.  Just her list of fave fantasy novels toward the end is worth the read.  And the rest of her answers are as beautifully crafted as her haunting novels.

Not many writers can say they write books for teens and adults that are equally successful […]


Mark Peter Hughes Interview!

Sometimes as readers we forget that YA can be fun. Sure, we enjoy discussing its technical and literary components, but YA is often at its best with some gleeful enjoyment thrown into the mix. The novels of Mark Peter Hughes offer both the joys and tribulations of being a young adult and provide us with pure fun as well. […]


Interview with Margie Gelbwasser

The more YA becomes part of popular culture, the more people will try to create “the formula” for a great YA novel. But as soon as you begin reading the works of Margie Gelbwasser, you’ll see she completely demolishes your concept of what a YA novel can or should be.


Interview with John Corey Whaley. Woot.

When a great debut author writes a great novel, he makes a splash. When a great debut YA author writes a great YA novel, he makes a tidal-wave and rides it with a composure and sense of wonder unmatched. John Corey Whaley is the recipient of both a Morris and Printz award, and the first YA author be selected as one of The National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 […]


Cecil & Nate: Part 2

Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of YARN’s “Year of the Beasts” extravaganza. This time, Nate Powell interviews Cecil Castellucci. But just like last time, we’re featuring not-to-be-seen anywhere else early sketches for the book. It’s not every day you get a glimpse into the minds–and the sketchbook!–of two such amazing and important artists. Enjoy!


Cecil Castellucci and Nate Powell Interview Each Other!

What do you get when you combine the prose power of Cecil Castellucci and the illustrative immortality of Nate Powell? Beasts. “Year of the Beasts,” specifically, which just hit your local bookstores and libraries.

Cecil and Nate offered to interview each other for YARN! WITH sketches for the book you won’t see anywhere else!! […]


6 Questions for Writers’ Writer, Debra Spark

We’re happy to talk with Debra Spark, the recipient of many awards including the John Zacharis/Ploughshares award for best first book, a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, and a Bunting Institute fellowship from RadcliffeCollege. […]


Interview with Jennifer Donnelly, as promised!

When she was little, Jennifer Donnelly never wanted to go to Disneyland. Instead, she wanted to step back in time and live in history. Since scientists haven’t figured out how to travel through time just yet, Jennifer has decided to–lucky for us! […]


Interview with Gail Giles

When you think of psychological thrillers in contemporary YA, the novels of Gail Giles top the list. For almost a decade her stories have tackled the darker, less observed characteristics of teenagers and constantly tested the boundaries of what can be and should be discussed in YA. By acknowledging of this darkness, Giles constantly highlights what is truly bright and meaningful in our world; she reminds us why the teenage experience is so singular and unique.

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