Annie’s Windows, “For What It’s Worth”

Two poems by Thomas Michael McDade.

Annie’s Windows

From parking lots she stares //
at dusty windows //
like a pilgrim.


3 Poems by Gianna Raimo

Three poems by teen writer, Gianna Raimo

A Dancer’s Decorum

For the dance that we see, //
in a stage jubilee, //
Is the closest thing we have //
to magic.[…]


Solid Geometry, 1908

Two poems by teen writer, Zijing Yang.

Solid Geometry—A Tribute

If I shall fold and reduce the time into //
A pocketful of definite shapes […]


#EnchantedYARN Contest Winners

Please join us in congratulating the winner and runners-up in our #EnchantedYARN poetry contest!
The winners Margarita Engle chose include a YARN Alum, a published poet, and a writer just sending out her first novel.


2-7-15, Letters to No One

Two poems by teen writer, Kathryn Hasson.

Letters to No One

Because it’s 12:00 am and the stars outside are beautiful //
They’re freaking amazing //
And I can’t sleep, because it’s 12:00 am […]


Outtakes from “Like Water on Stone”

Outtakes by Dana Walrath.

from “Like Water on Stone”

Together we pray for a time //
when it will be safe //
for our grandchild to know //
his mother was Armenian. […]


Poetry Peddlers Anonymous

Poem by Micah Cronin.

Poetry Peddlers Anonymous

Then you will paint them a mural instead, //
with every color you know.[…]


Haiku by Verse Novelist, Leza Lowitz

Haiku by Leza Lowitz.

The Single Pine

everything //
I want to become, //
frozen at 2:46 […]


Paper Planes, The Seven Seas

Two poems by teen writer, Noor Dhingra.

The Seven Seas

There is a strange and //
eerie line //
that divides the //


Chat with Verse Novelists, Leza Lowitz and Dana Walrath

To kick off the first day of National Poetry Month, YARN staffers Kip, Justin, and Lourdes sat down for a chat with verse novelists, Leza Lowitz and Dana Walrath, who were both out in Los Angeles for AWP.


From World Poetry Day to National Poetry Month

From World Poetry Day to National Poetry Month, the next few days and weeks are a poet’s dream. Here at YARN, we are celebrating with all kinds of poetic goodies in the pipeline.

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