Exclusive New Poems by Ellen Hopkins

The National Poetry Month party goes on with original poems by bestselling author Ellen Hopkins!

from Sliver

[...]Perhaps it is a shadow//
of tomorrow, something//
forewarned in green//
silhouette, or a slice [...]

Interview with Margarita Engle

Through her historical verse novels, Cuban-American author Margarita Engle offers readers a window into Cuba’s turbulent past. Her book “The Surrender Tree” earned Engle the 2008 Pura Belpré Medal and a Newbery Honor, the first awarded to an author of Latino heritage. Her other verse novels have also won numerous awards and accolades. [...]

Holly Thompson Poetry!

What a thrill to have poet and verse novelist Holly Thompson ring in our National Poetry Month festivities with THREE original poems!

The Clearing

it had seemed romantic//
to steal a wooden canoe//
and cross the channel to an island//
in the dark against the tide but [...]

National Poetry Month is HERE!

A Contest! Margarita Engle! Ellen Hopkins! Holly Thompson! John Corey Whaley!!

Here at YARN, we are a bit biased about the fourth month of the year. Sure, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the end of school is getting closer, but this is not why we love April.

We love poetry.

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The Blizzard, Bladefish, and Beeper

By Kourtnie McKenzie

Americans are the consumers of Armageddon. We play out the death of humanity in our movies, books, and games—with zombies, aliens, and warfare—till the end of the world means nothing. A joke.

That’s why, when Lu says, “What if the rapture—,” [...]



By K.D. Van Brunt

As I approach the classroom door, a rush of adrenaline courses through me, and my hands begin to shake. In three strides I’m out the door, pushing my way into the hallway, where I lose myself among the mass of students rushing to their next class. I’ve done it! Easy money! [...]


Monkey Island

By Lynn Levin

[...] One animal sank its fangs into her collarbone area and sheared through the shoulder strap of her swim suit. One boob fell out.

She would not die like this. She would not. [...]


The Chemistry of Em

By Danielle Davis

In the final week of Em’s first semester of her last year of high school, four days after her eighteenth birthday, she returned home from school in the evening. She was given a note by the security guard downstairs [...]


Small Change

By Deb Vlock

One night in the slow, hot crawl of late summer, our cat spontaneously combusted. This was a few hours after I spied hundreds of cicada shells heaped in a derelict pile amongst the previous autumn’s leaves, over by the garage, and the air shimmered with insect calls – cicada sex [...]



By Jessie Atkin

I told her I was going over to Kate’s house to bake, so in a court of law, under every technicality in the book, I wasn’t lying.

I was being as honest as any teenager can be with her parents. Truth be told, if any of us told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, a whole generation would get locked up for its own safety. [...]



By Jessica Gregg

He sent me a picture of his knee. His knee of all things. Wide and freckled. The blond hairs a near-neon white because he was so tan. But really a knee of no great variety.

A knee.

ha ha i knee-d to know y u sent that, I wrote him. [...]


The Listener, First Love

Our first poems of 2014 are by nineteen-year-old college freshman, Sia Tiong Hua.

The Listener

Some days//
you bring rain reminiscent of tears//
and on others//
it is the seasonal downfall//
the monsoon. [...]


Finding Someday in the Dark

By Laura Keller

I never would’ve guessed that I’d be tinkering with thoughts of Rafferty Long on that night of the apocalyptic ice storm; I’d sworn off thinking about him when we hit the middle of eleventh grade, about a year after his accident. [...]


Long’s Division

Have you ever discovered a debut author whom you just know is “one to watch”? We have! Lamar Giles is an exciting new voice in YA crime fiction. He’s the author of the soon-to-release YA thriller FAKE ID [...]

YARN is thrilled to introduce you to Lamar Giles and to present his long short story, “Long’s Division.” [...]



By Noah Weisz

[...] And then, with a jolt, Sarah realized that sooner or later the police would find this man. This stranger, who was older by far than any human she had ever seen, older than nature usually allowed—certainly older than any of the stories she had ever been told, older than the history she was taught in school. He was practically from another world. They would string him up in the square [...]

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