Our New Season Approaches!

Happy 2016, Officially! I hope yours is off to a good start, and that you’ve enjoyed the 3 Pop-Ups we’ve shared since starting our hiatus last fall (the interview with Huntley Fitzpatrick, the teen story “Winter For a Year,” and our Valentine for you, “540°”).

As you’ve likely gathered from our social media, the YARN team has been very working behind the scenes to bring you another excellent Spring-Summer edition starting the week of March 7. […]

Poetry Contest! Enchanted Places & Spaces

In honor of World Poetry Day, and inspired by the award-winning memoir, ENCHANTED AIR, by YARN alum, Margarita Engle, YARN has created an invitational poetry event called “Enchanted Places and Spaces.”

Pop-Up!! “Winter For A Year”

Happy 2016! We’re welcoming the new year, and winter, with a Pop-Up short story by a teen writer! Get yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable …

By Caroline MacRae

[…] There was no end to the wasteland of Cape Cod, and my sister seemed to be getting heavier in my arms. I started wondering how long I would last until I collapsed. […]

Pushcart Nominations!

  YARN is very proud to nominate 6 works from 2015 for the Pushcart Prize Anthology.   The Pushcarts are a prestigious collection of works from small literary presses, and it’s published annually. Major writers like Joyce Carol Oates, Anthony Doerr, and Zadie Smith have been selected (and that was just last year!!), though to the best […]

Pop-Up! 5 Questions for Huntley Fitzpatrick!

With the recent publication of her third novel “The Boy Most Likely To” and her family life (six kids!), Huntley Fitzpatrick is one busy lady! But we were so thrilled she had time to answer five questions for YARN that we are popping up from our fall hiatus to share her answers in a BONUS installment of our 5 Questions series […]

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Where There’s Smoke

By Hannah Bell

The gun is cold in Ernie’s hand, heavy with more than just its weight. He looks down at the scrap of paper resting on the table in front of him and reads over the familiar name that’s scratched out in blue pen, as though it might have changed since the last time he looked. […]


We Never Get To Talk Anymore

By Elizabeth Maria Naranjo

I get lost counting pockmarks in the ceiling tiles. Under my pillow, the cell phone buzzes and I tap the snooze bar without looking. I can’t lose count. Fifty-three, fifty-four, zzzz, zzzz. Tap. I’m too heavy to get up.



4 Poems by Rex Ybañez

Four poems by Rex Ybañez

Immortal Childhood

Sleeping in the garden temple, //
the young boy still dreams //
about the river […]


The 3AM Taxi

Debut YA author K. C. Tansley (who’s already been around the adult publishing block as Kourtney Heinz) is getting great reviews on her supernatural murder mystery “The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts”

Here she reveals to YARN a scary real-life moment in her life when her safety, and her bff relationship with her college roommate, was at stake.


We Freaks, Breathe

Two poems by teen writer Lindsey Woodbury.


Because it’s better to be plastic //
And feel nothing at all. //
Than it is to be glass […]


Draco Dracones

By Anj Dockrey

[…] Shaoreaux. He’s nineteen, and he has blue eyes and shaggy black hair. He’s short for a boy, and not very muscley . . . athletic. Dad says he’s the smartest student he’s ever had, and he’s good at cleaning and really good at cooking. He’s also teaching me the ancient art of Dracongei. […]



By teen writer Meghana Myesore
This is where //
the sinners come //
to relieve themselves of immorality. […]


Me Versus The Spanish Teacher

We were SO excited to get this essay from Lyn Miller-Lachmann just as her latest novel, “Surviving Santiago” comes out!

[…] people often ask if I had a Spanish teacher who inspired me. They look surprised when I say I did not—quite the opposite, in fact. My high school Spanish teacher and I did not get along, and after my junior year, she kicked me out of her class. […]


3 Poems by Kelly Fiore

Imagine our delight to find poems by Kelly Fiore in our poetry submission inbox! She is, of course, the author of the smart, complex YA romances “Taste Test” and “Just Like The Movies.” Her upcoming “Thicker Than Water,” on shelves January 2016, promises to be darker but […]


The Nice Things

A small gem of an essay by high school student Morgan Cross.

I’m supposed to think about the nice things. That’s what they say.

We used to play guitar together. That was a nice thing. Like me, you were ambitious. You didn’t ask if I was experienced enough—you knew I would be ready for a challenge […]


Invisible Objects

By erica l. kaufman
The music is pausing, resting, and the boys and girls with scarred up arms and cigarette mouths are talking, but I am curled up like a gargoyle, sitting on the stoop outside, looking at the black starless sky […]

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