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It’s YARN’s 5th Anniversary! We have grown so much, and are excited to celebrate in a number of ways! Find out more….

Tribute: Interview with Ellen Conford

Update, 3/27/15: A week ago, Ellen Conford died at her home in Great Neck, NY.  YARN was very sad to get the news, especially since we’d had the pleasure of interviewing her just last year.  As a tribute, we thought we would repost it here, with love and admiration for Mrs. Conford who will always be for us one of the shining stars of YA.


The #yarn5 contest is a poetry contest calling for any and all riffs on the number five.

This year, our guest judge is none other than super-agent, YA author, and YARN Alum, John Cusick!

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New Staff!

As YARN rolls into our FIFTH year of publication, I am amazed to say that our staff has grown from 7 editors and readers, to 18–editors, readers, and social media people. It’s awesome. It means that YARN is growing–because YOU are reading, and because YA short stories, poetry, and essays matter. So, thanks for that!

Coming Soon!

Jacqueline Woodson! Kwame Alexander! Sarah Darer Littman!! YARN’s 5th Anniversary! National Poetry Month! A Contest!

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Asian Cinderella

By Linda M.C. Nguyen

My dad was a stern believer that I shouldn’t date until I was done with school and had what he called a stable job. By job, he secretly hoped I would become a medical doctor. So imagine my dilemma when a handsome boy suddenly asked me to prom. I told my parents I was going with a group of friends instead.

Then, to make matters worse, Dad offered to drive me to prom. […]


Our Father, Who Art in Heaven (Maybe?)

By Jilly Gagnon

We’d already done the hushed-voices, bedside consultation about whether it was time to pull the plugs.

We’d already suffered through the shock—in one of the endless meetings with the doctors during that last week—of learning that P., the woman we thought of […]


Silk and Light Tricks

A short short by high school junior Nicole Mueller

Among the back rooms and dusty halls of the city, a phenomenon had been growing. There were never flyers pinned up or articles in the paper to advertise as other acts had. No, rather word of mouth carried the renown of the show.

The magician was famous for spectacular feats performed worldwide. […]


Sunday Brunch & Pretty Little Teacup

By Keri Lindenmuth

Pretty Little Teacup

pretty little tea

sitting on your



Writing What You Know vs. Writing What You Want to Know

YARN is psyched to have this essay by veteran novelist Liz Fichera, who has something important to share with all of us about writing, diversity, revision, and finding the humanity in your characters.

[…] Something you should know: I am neither a teen nor Native. In fact, on the surface, my background differs greatly from Fred’s. Below the surface, however, I found that while developing and writing Fred, we were more alike than I realized. […]


Under Molly’s Star

By Rose Engelfried

The summer I turned fifteen, I changed my name from Bobby to Rob. I tried out for shortstop. And my sister Molly went insane.

School had been out for a week when Molly came home from her first year in the U. Texas space program. I was out in the dry field […]


WINNER of our Random Word Contest!!!

Our guest judge, none other than John Corey Whaley, said it was “tough” to pick a winner of our Random Word Contest. And we don’t blame him! There were some really excellent entries, and we were super happy that some of you tried to put visuals with your words.




Random Word Contest Entries

Janelle Fila might have been the lucky WINNER of our Random Word Contest, but we think all the entries deserve a little air time. So, in no particular order, here they are […]


torn from the back of my probstat notebook, Parental Ideologies, & kids

To close National Poetry Month, we have 3 poems by high school freakin’ freshman Jacob Beardsley. The same week we publish Ellen Hopkins. That’s YARN in a nutshell. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


Exclusive New Poems by Ellen Hopkins

The National Poetry Month party goes on with original poems by bestselling author Ellen Hopkins!

from Sliver

[…]Perhaps it is a shadow//
of tomorrow, something//
forewarned in green//
silhouette, or a slice […]


Crosswire Bend

For this year’s National Poetry Month, YARN is publishing its first story in verse! And it’s a doozy.

By Heather Meloche

Note from YARN: As you’ll see when you click on the PDF, this story in verse has some very special poetic formatting that would have been impossible to reproduce online, so we PDFed it, and linked to it. Please enjoy it, but do not reproduce it.

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