Pop-Up!! “Winter For A Year”

Happy 2016! We’re welcoming the new year, and winter, with a Pop-Up short story by a teen writer! Get yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable …

By Caroline MacRae

[…] There was no end to the wasteland of Cape Cod, and my sister seemed to be getting heavier in my arms. I started wondering how long I would last until I collapsed. […]

Pushcart Nominations!

  YARN is very proud to nominate 6 works from 2015 for the Pushcart Prize Anthology.   The Pushcarts are a prestigious collection of works from small literary presses, and it’s published annually. Major writers like Joyce Carol Oates, Anthony Doerr, and Zadie Smith have been selected (and that was just last year!!), though to the best […]

Pop-Up! 5 Questions for Huntley Fitzpatrick!

With the recent publication of her third novel “The Boy Most Likely To” and her family life (six kids!), Huntley Fitzpatrick is one busy lady! But we were so thrilled she had time to answer five questions for YARN that we are popping up from our fall hiatus to share her answers in a BONUS installment of our 5 Questions series […]

Fiction and Essays Submissions OPEN!

Send us your best YA fiction, poetry, and essays! We’re back open for business, searching for the best YA short form for our Spring-Summer 2016 Edition!  Be sure to read our submission guidelines first!!      

It’s a wrap! See you in March …

Phew!  It’s hard to believe that just five months ago we launched our first ever spring & summer edition of YARN in April, with an exclusive poem and interview with Jacqueline Woodson.  And even though I didn’t actually think about it when I was planning this edition, those five months were oh-so-apropos, because as we’ve […]

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Letter to Sylvia Plath, Spectrum love poem

By Lauren Boisvert

Letter to Sylvia Plath

Dear Sylvia, Ms. Plath,

There is a curl to your hair that I admire. //
There is a quirk to your mouth – black and white photo –[…]


5 Questions for Lamar Giles

Continuing on in our 5 Questions Series to celebrate YARN’s 5th Anniversary, today we bring you YA crime writer, and YARN alum, Lamar Giles!

[…] What worried me when I was writing “Endangered” was “Fake ID.” “Endangered” was essentially done (rough draft) before “Fake ID” debuted. I had no clue what people would think about my first “big” novel, and was terrified I’d be panned by critics and/or readers. […]


Past the Honeysuckle

YARN is psyched to kick of National Short Story Month with its first official story of the 2015 Season!

By Brandon Patterson

Dave lives in a place separated from other homes—real homes—by private land and simple miles of endless trees. His apartment is one of five brick boxes lining a strip of crumbled pavement, their backs to the mountain. […]


Winners! The #yarn5 Contest!

In celebration of National Poetry Month and in honor of YARN’s fifth year of publication, we held a poetry contest this April calling for any and all riffs on the number five. Our guest judge, super-agent, YA author and YARN Alum, John Cusick, had the tough task of picking the winning poems. CLICK TO READ THE WINNERS!


Interview with Sarah Darer Littman

In addition to our 5 Questions series, we are also hosting this full-length interview with the amazing Sarah Darer Littman, whose fourth YA novel Backlash, is out this week!

[…] I wish someone had taught teen me to have the courage of my convictions—and to stick with it, rather than doing what was expected of me. […]


Sequels and Shadows, Letter to a Teenage Self

By Sarah Hackley

Letter To A Teenage Self
Listen: It Isn’t Enough
to dull those pains.
There isn’t enough liquor
or willing men in the world
to outrun what you’ve got […]


Hold, Work of Art

Two poems by Samantha Polak with formatting so cool we can’t put it into this window. So click already!


Kwame Alexander: 5 Questions

YARN is psyched to continue its 5th Anniversary 5 Questions series with none other than Kwame Alexander of the multi-award winning novel in verse, The Crossover.

[…] How do you not translate the rhythm of a dribble or a dunk into poetry? It’s the perfect sport because it’s like ballet in sneakers with a ball. Poetry in motion. […]


What Do Flowers Have To Do With It Anyway?

By Malley Chertkov

I liked flowers so
I welcomed the fists
And waited till the next day
For the violets to grow […]



The #yarn5 contest is a poetry contest calling for any and all riffs on the number five.

This year, our guest judge is none other than super-agent, YA author, and YARN Alum, John Cusick!

Read on….


5 Questions for Jacqueline Woodson!

We are super excited to share the first of our 5 Questions series, which celebrates great YA authors as well as YARN’s 5th Anniversary. How lucky are we that this first one is with the one and only JACQUELINE WOODSON?? Enough said, right?

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