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YARN is looking for new Readers and Social Media Managers. Candidates can be of any age, and live anywhere in the world. Please have an interest in and knowledge of YA, plus 5-10 hours a week to devote to reading submissions and/or posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. If you join the staff, you will [...]

See You In … April!!

Kerri explains why YARN will take a longer-than-usual break starting this summer.

[...] As usual, as warm June turns to hot July, we are taking a break on publishing new material. This time, though, instead of returning in September, we are going to return in April 2015, reopening for another terrific National Poetry Month, and publishing all the way through Summer 2015! [...]

Interview with Ellen Conford!

This is Kerri here, seizing this AMAZING opportunity to introduce one of my literary heroes, Ellen Conford. When I was a tween and teen, I devoured as much Ellen Conford as I could lay my hands on. At the library, at sidewalk sales, and in bookstores, I would look for her name and when I found new titles, I would immediately place the book in my bag. [...]

Story by Steve Brezenoff is live!

Maybe you’ve heard of Steve Brezenoff? He is is the author of edgy the YA novels “Brooklyn, Burning” and “The Absolute Value of -1,” as well as the super cool Field Trip Mysteries you might have enjoyed in your younger years.

Guy in real LifeHis latest novel is “Guy in Real Life,” and he has sent YARN an exclusive short story about one of the characters! [...]

UPDATE to Fiction Submission Guidelines

Hello Writers!

After a great deal of thinking and discussing, we have decided to close fiction submissions for the summer, effective June 1, 2104 through September 15, 2014.  


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Finding Someday in the Dark

By Laura Keller

I never would’ve guessed that I’d be tinkering with thoughts of Rafferty Long on that night of the apocalyptic ice storm; I’d sworn off thinking about him when we hit the middle of eleventh grade, about a year after his accident. [...]


Long’s Division

Have you ever discovered a debut author whom you just know is “one to watch”? We have! Lamar Giles is an exciting new voice in YA crime fiction. He’s the author of the soon-to-release YA thriller FAKE ID [...]

YARN is thrilled to introduce you to Lamar Giles and to present his long short story, “Long’s Division.” [...]



By Noah Weisz

[...] And then, with a jolt, Sarah realized that sooner or later the police would find this man. This stranger, who was older by far than any human she had ever seen, older than nature usually allowed—certainly older than any of the stories she had ever been told, older than the history she was taught in school. He was practically from another world. They would string him up in the square [...]


A Window-Colored Sky

By Layla Carr

She sat in the desk closest to the window, at the end of the third row.  Her eyes were big and dark and her fingers were constantly moving—running over the surface of her desk, tapping her pencil, pushing through her hair.  When we went around on the first day of European History [...]


A Poet to Her Poetry, A Heated Teakettle

Two poems by teen writer Alison Rollman

A Poet to Her Poetry
Inspired by Anne Bradstreet’s “The Author to Her Book”

I create an ice-rink fantasy world//
With the flick of my pencil,//
The snub of my burnt-out, blackened eraser bit,//
The chit-chatter//
Of my cereal crumb computer keys. […}


Eagle, Image of a Dog, Oxygen

By Cheryl Lawton Malone

Image of a Dog

Two boys and a girl//
on a beach//
walking their dog,//
not far from the missiles,//
that promise to cut//
their feet like slivered shells. [...]


Push Up

Jenny Torres Sanchez’s novels “The Downside of Being Charlie,” and her most recent, “Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia” combine humor and heart to combat death, growing up, and change in new, original perspectives with a massive side of music.

YARN is beyond pleased to share with you this original short story by Jenny, “Push Up.”

Chanchito’s pops got cuffed and hauled away today. The whole neighborhood saw it. But, s’nothing new. We used to seeing cops. We used to seeing our parents dragged outta here [...]


The Unnamed

Get those Halloween treats ready to accompany you as you read this creepy thrill of a story by Colleen Britton.

I lie on my side, losing the feeling in my right arm. I can’t see Dad, but I feel the pressure as he squeezes my hand. I didn’t ask him to come, but I’m glad he did. I try to squeeze back with deadened fingers that don’t move. [...]


Some Things Just Break

By Eileen Donovan Kranz

[...] The first thing Cheez Whiz broke after that was my arm. He told my mom he didn’t mean to do it, but my mom saw the whole thing from the window overlooking the backyard while she was rinsing the dishes to put in the dishwasher. [...]


Modest Goddess & Ring Tones

We’re always happy to get new submissions from YARN alums, and we were so glad when Anna Levine came back to us with two quite different poems this fall!

Modest Goddess

Caught in the nude//
by an intruder,//
she tries to hide [...]


So Many Pieces

Book titles are an under-discussed art-form. You glance at them as the vibrancy, colors, and images of the covers overwhelm your senses; yet there are some book titles you cannot escape. “The Paradox of Vertical Flight” by debut YA author Emil Ostrovski is one of those.

YARN is thrilled to share with you “So Many Pieces,” an original short story by [...]

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