Exclusive New Poems by Ellen Hopkins

The National Poetry Month party goes on with original poems by bestselling author Ellen Hopkins!

from Sliver

[...]Perhaps it is a shadow//
of tomorrow, something//
forewarned in green//
silhouette, or a slice [...]

Interview with Margarita Engle

Through her historical verse novels, Cuban-American author Margarita Engle offers readers a window into Cuba’s turbulent past. Her book “The Surrender Tree” earned Engle the 2008 Pura Belpré Medal and a Newbery Honor, the first awarded to an author of Latino heritage. Her other verse novels have also won numerous awards and accolades. [...]

Holly Thompson Poetry!

What a thrill to have poet and verse novelist Holly Thompson ring in our National Poetry Month festivities with THREE original poems!

The Clearing

it had seemed romantic//
to steal a wooden canoe//
and cross the channel to an island//
in the dark against the tide but [...]

National Poetry Month is HERE!

A Contest! Margarita Engle! Ellen Hopkins! Holly Thompson! John Corey Whaley!!

Here at YARN, we are a bit biased about the fourth month of the year. Sure, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the end of school is getting closer, but this is not why we love April.

We love poetry.

WIN! Enter Today! The Random Word CONTEST!

Find out how to enter our Random Word Contest during National Poetry Month, which will be judged by John Corey Whaley!!

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The Playground, The Anatomy of a Good Cry

17 year old high school senior Shelby Dodd kicks off the poetry for Fall 2013.

The Anatomy of a Good Cry

Somewhere between my chest and my mouth//
the motion stops, and all I feel is stuck.//
Peach-flushed cheeks fill with tension//
as they grow dark and deep to a bottomless frown. [...]



By Shelli Cornelison

So much miscommunication could be avoided if my stepdad would just learn to answer a question correctly.

Case in point:

Me: Am I still grounded?

Him: Are polar bears white? [...]


Lunchtime Chat with Leila Sales

Leila sat down for a virtual lunch with YARN editors Kerri Majors and Diana Renn to dish about her new book . . . as well as writing vs. editing, YA trends, finding your passion, and, of course, chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Please enjoy this transcript of our lunchtime chat [...]


The Kronstadt Rebellion

By Nicholas Sauer

“I prefer to be able to sleep at night,” he says. “I don’t want to destroy my soul getting what I want, you know?” He shifts the weight of his book bag from one shoulder to the other. His hands fly in the air as he lectures the manicured lawns [...]


A Poem in Brass

Despite its title, “A Poem in Brass” is actually our last piece of (steampunk!) fiction until September. We hope it, as well as the other amazing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, we’ve published this season, will inspire you to submit your own work to YARN! Until September…

By E.C. Ambrose

The clockwork girl stumbled [...]


Tempus Fugit & Dear Magnolia

Our final installment of poetry before we break for the summer comes from recent college grad Rex Ybañez

Does time fly or are//
tempests fugitives? One can//
give the saying a test by throwing//


The Weather Witch

By Cynthia Heinrichs

Raindrops splatted a sharp staccato against the single window pane. In a pot on the floor the incessant drip drip drip from the thatch replied.

She pressed her forehead against the cold glass. I must ask Bran to patch that. If this rain ever stops, the whole roof needs doing [...]


Father, Can You Hear Me?

By sixteen year old Shirley Lu

When I was in middle school, I wanted to quit piano.//
Metronome banged on the keyboard,//
never in rhythm with tears and scream.//
Even when I won the competition, [...]


Stuffing Bears

By Julianne Palumbo

He wandered in again today//
the man with the low-brimmed hat.//
“Yo, Mister, why do you buy so much junk?”//
He slides a ten toward my register.//
I ring him up. [...]


Sara Zarr!! Exclusive short story!

YARN is thrilled to share a Sara Zarr original short story, exclusive to YARN. It has everything you love about her work, in a small summery package.

When he did something it made you think you could do it, too.

Whether it was skating or writing a story or [...]


Aunt Mary & Residency

By high school junior Rachael Allen

On Hanover Street, she was buying tomatoes. //
The producers watched before asking.  Local, Italian, dark-haired mother, //
gap between front teeth like her son, like her brother, //
voice strong enough to call a boy home, [...]

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