#EnchantedYARN Contest Winners

Please join us in congratulating the winner and runners-up in our #EnchantedYARN poetry contest!
The winners Margarita Engle chose include a YARN Alum, a published poet, and a writer just sending out her first novel.

2-7-15, Letters to No One

Two poems by teen writer, Kathryn Hasson.

Letters to No One

Because it’s 12:00 am and the stars outside are beautiful //
They’re freaking amazing //
And I can’t sleep, because it’s 12:00 am […]

Outtakes from “Like Water on Stone”

Outtakes by Dana Walrath.

from “Like Water on Stone”

Together we pray for a time //
when it will be safe //
for our grandchild to know //
his mother was Armenian. […]

Poetry Peddlers Anonymous

Poem by Micah Cronin.

Poetry Peddlers Anonymous

Then you will paint them a mural instead, //
with every color you know.[…]

Haiku by Verse Novelist, Leza Lowitz

Haiku by Leza Lowitz.

The Single Pine

everything //
I want to become, //
frozen at 2:46 […]

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Invisible Objects

By erica l. kaufman
The music is pausing, resting, and the boys and girls with scarred up arms and cigarette mouths are talking, but I am curled up like a gargoyle, sitting on the stoop outside, looking at the black starless sky […]


They Held Starlight

Here is a fantasy short story by YARN’s youngest ever teen fiction writer, Christina Im!

The suitors smile, and I resist the urge to cover my eyes from the light stabbing them. It is late evening in the palace ballroom; the windows are firmly shut so the dark cannot touch us. But the gleeful, sharp brightness of the chandelier […}


Hotline, Bob Dylan Sensual Music

By Julianna Lillehei


If I called the Suicide Hotline right now, this is what I would tell them. //
I would tell them, Hey, Suicide Hotline. This is Anonymous. //
They’d say, Hey, Anonymous, this is the Suicide Hotline. […]


The Color of Mourning

By Jennifer Honeybourn

[…] I find him in the basement, crouched down, prying the lid off a can of paint. The room is empty, except for a pile of boxes stacked neatly in the corner. The last of John’s stuff. Rod cleaned out his room a few weeks ago. […]


good intentions, A Light On

By Iris Dumaual

good intentions

[…] i listen to birds singing their //
spring melodies outside my window while I read //
about cities where the dropping of bombs is a song //
that has been sung outside children’s bedrooms for //
three years. […]


5 Questions for Jennifer Donnelly

This 5 Question interview with Jennifer Donnelly picks up where our last, from 2012, left off–and a lot has happened since then! One of her novels was named a Best YA by TIME Magazine, and she’s published a new fantasy series as well. Read on about this bestselling YA and adult novelist.


Finding Someday in the Dark

Congratulations to Laura Keller! “Finding Someday in the Dark” won the YA Fiction/Nonfiction SCBWI Magazine Merit Award!



Congratulations to K.D. Van Brunt! “Bang” won the YA Fiction/Nonfiction SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Honor!


Day of Atonement, Keystone

Two poems by teen writer Sophie Panzer.


My name is Cathy, she said when we first met //
her sky-through-glass gaze connecting with the earth of my own. //
She stood taller than most, though she was shorter […]


Retired at Seventeen

Kerri is super excited to bring you this fascinating essay, and hopes it inspires more writers to tell stories from their own lives and submit them to YARN.

By Shannon Bushee

The first time I realized that something was wrong with my legs was an October afternoon a few years ago, during my senior year of high school. I was walking home from school […]


Two Truths and a Lie

By Beth Grosart

“This is our time,” Matty says as he walks up the front steps of Taylor Winkle’s house ahead of me.

He stops and turns, waiting for me to catch up. I’m glad he wants to walk in together.

“I don’t even get what that means.” I laugh.

Matty stretches his arms out, turning to face me. “This. Is. Our. Time.”

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