The FINAL Post

All good things must come to an end — 

Outtakes from “White Rose”

Our very own poetry editor shares two outtakes from her debut YA novel-in-verse, “White Rose.” Happy reading!

The 2019 Season Begins — with BIG News

And so begins YARN’s 2019 season, in which BIG CHANGES are afoot. Please do read this one!

Interview with Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan, Authors of Watch Us Rise

To continue to celebrate the release of Watch Us Rise, we were so pleased to offer an interview with Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan.

Watch Us Rise — Outtakes

We’re thrilled to help celebrate the publication of Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan’s fabulous new YA novel “Watch Us Rise.” Renée and Ellen were kind enough to share some outtakes from the novel with us. Take a look — and go find this book!

[…]Look at me. No, no—don’t turn away. See all of this.  All this fat girl curve, this belly, these hips. See me. […]

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The FINAL Post

All good things must come to an end — 


Say Hoo

In this final fiction story of the 2019 season, Meg seeks meaning and love. 

Meg fell in love with his handwriting, which was a combination of cursive and block print. She felt it exuded intelligence and kindness—and a playfulness that tugged at her heart.[…]



Fathered-Less by Javoun Baker
I don’t even come home anymore dad,//
I learned that same thing from you […]


My Second Home

This is a bittersweet post – a FINAL essay on YARN! But it’s a fitting finale, by teen writer Kinu Blackwelder – exactly the kind of young reader and aspiring writer YARN set out to spotlight. 


Face Down

Jojo thinks his life is mapped out, until he ends up face down.


Nocturnal Paramour

Nocturnal Paramour by teen poet, Sydney Bebon
She was careful not to startle the smoke //
scared of what she might see […]


When Monday Met Friday

When well-planned Monday meets spontaneous Friday…

We’ve all known a Monday. No matter where or when you went to school, she was there.


3 Poems by Rebekah Jacobson

Three poems by teen poet, Rebekah Jacobson

Junior Year

And so now //
we feel like forever //
electrified immortality […]


Nana Prayed, Weather Sensitive

Two poems by Jacqueline Jules

Weather Sensitive

I am too often surprised //
when my mood plunges //
with moisture from the sky. […]


Sanity’s Final Christmas?

An honest horror story about a girl’s most dangerous emotions striving to conquer her.


3 Poems by Izzi Riggs

Three poems by Izzi Riggs

Tell Me Something

[…] In the balance of wings, //
the hole in the globe seems to heal. //
I can go home.

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