violet & Tortoise or Hare

By Doraine Bennet


violet hoodie

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she stands in the corner
of the crowded room
a song swirls
above the chatter
she wishes she hadn’t come
but still, she gathers her courage
struggles for conversation
they feign ignorance
her face burns
she creeps back
to the wall
to blend
with the flowered paper

Tortoise or Hare


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I would be the tortoise
If I could choose.
Tender parts
Carefully guarded
By a hard green shell.
A portable hiding place
For those awkward moments.
No need to run,
Just pull in the appendages
And breathe slowly
Until the danger passes.
But some pernicious muse
Had other plans
And without consulting me,
Took my secrets
And made iambic feet
For a bunch of mad rabbits
That care nothing for poetry.

Doraine BennettAbout Doraine: Growing up, she was the shy girl who faded into the wallpaper. She was in high school before she realized she had things to say, and that it was okay to voice her opinions. Writing has been a way of finding her voice. She loves playing with words, finding the rhythm and the tone that matches her thoughts. Crafting words that create an image that speaks to the heart of a reader is a genuine pleasure. Today, she’s a writer, an editor, a book seller, a wife and a grandmother. Finding the freedom to speak has been a long journey for her, but one that has brought great joy.

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  1. Jaimie Choi says:

    The poems gives off a deep mood. The first poem reminds me of my experience. I remember the exact feeling of gaining courage to speak but then only recieving ignorance. I can also relate to “…to blend with the flowered paper” (lines 13). I remember feeling so embarressed from ignorance that I want to dissappear.

    Also, the “nobody” feel of the poem reminds me of Emily Dickinson.

  2. Chris Cho says:

    The first poem reminds me of Violet from The Incredibles. It reminds me that there is at least one “Violet” in every class. They are the plants waiting to bloom with their personality.

    The second poem was very similar to the first one, because is displays a shy, awkward character who isn’t willing to come out of their shell easily in fear of the rabbits. I could tell that the author has a similar theme going on, and that she shares the same beliefs of the tortoise, which is slow and steady wins the race.

    Overall, these two works impressed me immensely and gave me much inspiration for my literary works. Thank you, Mrs. Bennet!

  3. Chris Cho says:

    Oh yeah… I left out something. Violet is like a violet (flower) waiting to bloom.

  4. rachel lee says:

    After reader both poems, I instantly thought of myself. Like the violet and the tortoise, my character is extremely timid, quiet, and afraid. Relating to the violet, I could picture myself in a classroom full of laughter and noise as I would be trying to blend and be included. If I was not accepted, I would wish to transform into a tortoise so I could disappear completely.

  5. Jacklyn Springer says:

    This poems are very excellent. They are very easy to relate to and understand what the other is trying to get at. I love the use of imagery to fully picture what was happening.

  6. Andrew Kim says:

    Both poems were very interesting.

    The first poem, Violet, got me thinking. It’s true how this girl hides from society. I think one reason for that is because she might be afraid to stick out. Society is the hammer and she is the nail, the nail that sticks out most gets hammered first. It got me thinking of how many people are actually hiding. The color violet, I think, was a good choice because of it’s mysterious and dark feel.

    The second poem, Tortoise or Hare, also got me thinking. This poem is certainly insightful because that’s exactly how society is today. I think many want the shell of a tortoise to escape. Awkward…….moments…………… (awkward!)

  7. Elena Bartolone says:

    Both poems are centered on a fear of rejection and lack of confidence. In the first poem, the character is so embarrassed that she wants to become invisible, and to fade into the background. Similarly, in the second poem the character wants “A portable hiding place/ for those awkward moments,” (lines 6-7). Both feel uncomfortable exposing their true selves because of their lack of confidence. I have experienced that feeling as well, and know many others who have gone through similar experiences. I enjoyed these poems because I could relate to the characters.

  8. Tatiana Pavelka says:

    The poem “Violet,” gives me chills. It’s a beautiful poem, that describes a girl who does not seem to fit in. Many people can connect to this girl in the fact that everyone has felt awkward and different from others. The same goes for “Tortoise or Hare,” in which the Tortoise is hiding from the world, and from pain just like “Violet.” I thoroughly enjoyed these poems, and feel as if i can relate to them completely.

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