Got Poems? Contribute to our Poem Drive for National Poetry Month!

In honor of National Poetry Month, YARN is hosting another Poem Drive!

The rules are the same as our popular Halloween Candy & Cookie Poem Drive: Compose a 3 or 4 line poem about the theme, “Why Virtue Isn’t Everything,” the title of a chapter from “Dress For Success,” the fashion manual that inspired Poetry Editor Colleen’s recent blog, “How to Be a  Left-Brained Writer.”

Starting April 1, post your poem on the YARN Facebook page, Twitter page, or right here in the comments section.  Tell your friends, and get them in on the fun!

To get you started, YARN’s editors and poetry readers have written a few such poems, to give you examples/inspire you/thrown down the gauntlet 😉

By Cathy Parilla, Poetry Reader:
Too Swiftly

Swiftly, raindrops streak our
path on earth’s windowpane—
much too swiftly.

By Colleen Oakley, Poetry Editor:
Virtue Isn’t Everything
Said the merry maid to her knight
“Look, looks count too, you know.
Plus two spears, sharp wit and” – she paused
“Oh, do you cook?”

By Kerri Majors, Editor:
For Shannon:
Nutella and pane
On the train to Prague
Made us sick
And joyful

By Lourdes Keochgerien, Reader & YA Consultant:
He fell off the highest tower
and I fell with him down into
the void Chaos. I hit the
dark with nothing but questions.



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  1. Ivana Viani says:


    You’re not a robot and it isn’t always easy to choose between a yes and a no,
    A stay and a go.

    The right way isn’t always the best way.
    The truest word isn’t always the kindest.

  2. Virtue’s the road—everybody knows—of long and narrow fame.
    But if you take it step by boring step, you get nowhere.
    Fill your lungs–whooping, running, heart on fire
    Aren’t you glad the road is lined with flowers?

  3. Kerri says:

    (sent to the YARN Poetry box)
    by Mary Simone Astarita

    You may be smart,
    but everybody knows
    that you are judged everyday
    by people you don’t even know.

  4. Timothy Cooladie says:

    Virtue is a Keeper

    She lost her virtue
    to a man not to handsome
    Regret comes into play,
    and she wishes she could have it back.

  5. Maria Cope says:

    A blush bruised my cheek
    as our legs intertwined like
    an intricate pattern of lace
    His breaths are even with content

    **I posted one on the Facebook fan page, but it’s not showing up on my end so I apologize if I entered twice.

  6. Kerri says:

    Oh Virtue
    How will you
    Warm my feet
    At 10pm?

  7. Kristyn Deitrich says:

    Virtue gets you nowhere
    When the Devil comes to play.
    So sell your soul for instant satifaction
    And save your morals for another day.

    (Inspired by our recent production of Damn Yankees!)

  8. Theresa Karngbaye says:

    Although we just met,
    I admire your strength, spirit and courage.
    Now that your here to share my days and nights
    Virtue isn’t everything- I’ll give it up, just to have you beside me

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