Why I Love Poetry

I must preface this by saying poetry is not my strongest suit. I actually barely understand it most of the time, which I find both infuriating and invigorating.  Yet, I have always been attracted to it. Case in point: In middle school I had to attend library seminars (or classes, if you will) once a […]


Nikki Grimes Poems

To top off our National Poetry Month festivities, we are so pleased and honored to present two new poems by Nikki Grimes.  Thank you to Ms. Grimes, and to all of you YARN readers who have contributed to our Poem Drive and have read our offerings. Pandora’s Box You took care to find that special […]


Writing With Restrictions

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Rules to dampen your creative spirit? Restrictions to cage your inner writer’s voice? How can this be a good thing? Well, I find that my writer’s voice is much like a child. It proves to be most productive when given set expectations, boundaries, rewards and consequences. I bet yours does too. […]


Boston 2010: The World Cup Fiasco, & Test Day

By Elana Forman

Boston 2010: The World Cup Fiasco
A few blocks from Quincy Market/
tan-skinned soccer fanatics/
galloped through artificial rain./
Their Spain jerseys clung wet to them […]


Samantha Schutz Interview and Poems

Robert Frost once remarked that, “Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” This is exactly the case with the poetry of Samantha Schutz. Her memoir in verse, “I Don’t Want to Be Crazy” and her newest novel in verse, “You Are Not Here,” tackle mental instability and personal loss with such candid […]


Writing without Writing

Standing at Elena’s crib, with my hand on her belly, gently jiggling her to sleep—and yawning big yawns myself—I pondered the next hour of my life.  I could do laundry.  I could do dishes.  I could do YARN stuff.  I could nap.   I could write. Or nap. Write. Nap. No, Kerri, really you should […]

What Is YARN?

It's a brilliant thing to have a place where you can read fresh original short stories by both seasoned YA authors and aspiring teens. YARN is a great tool box for growing up writing. - Cecil Castellucci

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