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To top off our National Poetry Month festivities, we are so pleased and honored to present two new poems by Nikki Grimes.  Thank you to Ms. Grimes, and to all of you YARN readers who have contributed to our Poem Drive and have read our offerings.

Pandora’s Box

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You took care
to find that special pain I had
that needed to be kissed away,
that hundred legged beast
that crouched in the dark
of my Pandora’s box.
You found,
and finding,

I adore you
and no
not just for this
and yes
this is a love poem.

Lisa’s Lament

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I remember the first time
I got my period six months ago,
the nightmare
of going to the bathroom
and finding blood
oozing from somewhere
it shouldn’t.
I wondered if somehow
I’d wounded myself
in the middle of the night,
or maybe had contracted
some horrible, incurable disease
and was already
halfway to heaven.
How should I know?
So I went running to Mom,
blubbering about blood
down there
until she explained.
I went from frightened to furious
in ten seconds flat
’cause Mom knew this was coming
all along
but hadn’t bothered to say
a single word.
Somebody should send this woman
to parenting school.

Copyright Nikki Grimes 2011
These poems may not be reproduced in any form without permission.


Nikki Grimes is a New York Times bestselling author and the recipient of the 2006 NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children.  Her distinguished works include ALA Notable book, What is Goodbye?, the novels Jazmin’s Notebook, Dark Sons,and The Road to Paris (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books). She is aso the creator of the popular Meet Danitra Brown. While you’re waiting for April showers—of poetry—check out our poetry drive and learn more about Nikki Grimes on her website.

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