Pole Dancers, Musing from the London British Museum, Mutable Matters

By Anna Levine

Pole Dancers

Image Courtesy of Katie Schenk (flickr.com)

on a subway
ready to ride

Grip the pole and—

“Hold on, Baby. Hold on.”

We cling to

In seren


“Where to?”

“Don’t know.”

cosmic explanation
reason for being
or specific destination
has brought us here

“Hold on, Baby. Hold on.”

in a desperate
embrace of
and longing
to believe

“Hold on, Baby. Hold on.”

We’re on a
You and me babe
To the end-
of the line


Musing from the London British Museum

“the world from here” courtesy of Iain Simmons (flickr.com)

god of Greece,
is mounted trunkless
in the British Museum

cast in several pieces.
Hair, each lock coiffed.
Eyes inlaid.
Lips plated red.

To visit his leg,
you must travel to the Louvre
in Paris. At Travel related articles you will get different blogs and articles related to traveling.

I stand here
in London.
My heart,
in the west.
My head,
in the east

And I know
how Apollo
must feel
scattered about
in bits
and pieces. For more information Visit here.

Mutable Matters

Cupid at the Philadelphia Museum of Art courtesy of Jeffrey Beall (flickr.com)

Did you know, he said
suspension in cars
is built on a system
of imaginary numbers?

I believed him.

I opened the hood and stood
by the whirr and purr
of the illusion

Did you know, he said
movement is a deception
the flying arrow
remains motionless
despite our perception?

I believed him.

I opened my heart
and stood motionless
waiting for cupid’s dart
to negate the notion
prove the emotion

And love, I asked,
also an illusion?

So he opened his arms
and pulled me in
to a field charged
with sweet illusions
where no matter
between us mattered
but our sweet


Anna Levine is doing a blog tour right now for her novel “Freefall“–check it out!  Born in Canada, Levine has lived in Israel for over 20 years.  Levine’s latest novel, “Freefall” was published with Greenwillow/Harper Collins. She has also published with Front Street/Cricket Books, and Karben Publishers. She has published award winning poems and short stories in American children’s magazines. Levine has lived in Europe and the United States. This summer she was a guest on a Writer’s Retreat in Val David, Quebec, Canada working on her next novel set in Italy. When not on a retreat, Levine is at home in Israel where she lives with her husband and two sons.

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  1. Flavia Cosma says:

    Beautiful fresh poetry by this extraordinarily talented writer. Such joy in reading it! Congratulations!

  2. Barbara Bamberger says:

    Now I’ll never be able to ride the subway again, without thinking of pole dancers! Thank you for the beautiful poems.

  3. Naomi Broudo says:

    Loved them all, especially Musing from the London British Museum. Wonderful poems! Looking forward to discussing all of this in person in November.

  4. Linda Adams says:

    These poems are amazing. Your voice comes through so beautifully… and still, there is something there for any of us readers. You go girl!

  5. Luke Bledsoe says:

    Such vivid evocations. Thank you Anna Levine. Always nice to read works from a writer with a touch for word color. I hope we see more. Pole dancing at the Louvre?

  6. Anna Levine says:

    Hey Luke…that’s an idea…did you mean on Grecian pillars:-)

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