In case you missed our Family Gatherings Contest with Figment

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In case you missed our contest, below are the original details. Thank you to everyone who participated!  Thank you to Susan Beth Pfeffer for helping us judge!!


We want you to use your family (to create an engrossing story). They’re there to help you (with their unbelievable idiosyncrasies). They love you (enough to forgive you for immortalizing their more unattractive habits and tendencies). And, of course, the holidays are a time for family to gather (so you can observe every member at once). Take the opportunity to write an essay about your crazy, funny, awkward, nonsensical, loving family and submit it to YARN via Figment!

Figment is a free online community where teens and young adults create, discover, and share new reading and writing. Founded in December 2010 by New Yorker writer Dana Goodyear and former managing editor Jacob Lewis, Figment has in less than a year built a community of more than 80,000 users have created a library of 185,000 pieces of original, unfiltered writing. In addition to creating and sharing their own books, stories, poems, and essays, Figment’s users come together to discuss all things literary—from offering book suggestions to discussing their favorite fictional villains.  With its unique platform and community, Figment is also an innovative, exciting teaching tool, used in classrooms, libraries, and other educational settings around the country.

YARN’s premiere essay contest was on “Family Gatherings,” and it produced two fantastic winners: teen Helen Hasbun and adult Susan Young. Now, it’s your time to sparkle in the spotlight. Enter the Family Gatherings Contest, and you could be published in their online journal! Start practicing signing your name, “Mr. Firstname Lastname, published author.” Alternatively, you can swap out “published author” for “bigshot”.

What do you have to do? Get cracking! Write a nonfiction essay in 2000 words or fewer about a memorable family gathering. Could be a holiday, a wedding, a party, but it MUST include a teen or young adult. Essays are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 12. Voting will run until 11:59 p.m. EST on December 19 at which point the ten most-hearted stories will be judged by the YARN editorial staff along with special guest Susan Beth Pfeffer, New York Times best-selling author of Life as We Knew It and Blood Wounds. The winner will be announced on January 3, 2012, and the essay will be workshopped and published on YARN in January! (The winner will also receive a Writers Bundle chock full of swag, including a copy of “Blood Wounds” and Stephen King’s “On Writing”).

Teachers! All of us here at YARN are educators in one way or another, so we hope you’ll use the lesson plan we’ve created especially for this contest!

1. Read the full rules
2. Create an account on Figment
3. Start a new writing
4. Tag that writing with YARNessaycontest on the Details tab
5. Press “Publish Now.”
6. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.


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