Fall Treats Poems

For the past two years, YARN has featured a Candy/Cookie Poem Drive to celebrate the sweet goodies ubiquitous in one of our favorite months, October.  The first year, it was all on Facebook, and last year, the Drive became a Contest, too, and this year, we’re expanding further to include other treats of the season.  Inspired by a trio of delicious apple-themed poems that just happened to be submitted by three different poets (see below), this year we’ll be hosting a “Fall Treats Poem Drive & Contest.”  More details on the Contest will follow, but to put you in the mood, please enjoy these poems by Tina Zhu, Matt Forrest Esenwine, and Danny Barbare.


Apple Wine

By Tina Zhu

Image courtesy of xmatt (flickr.com)

It takes real skill, honey;
more sugar. More alcohol.
Delicacy, not just grandeur.
The labels are misnomers are
just aperitifs for the turkey.
They are all white hard allure
and fragrance, apple blossom
effervescence, and you—
you are pale straw. Tart.
(But clever, and you have spirits—
7% or more. You’re a character.)

I know how feelings when fresh
will ferment. How can you get
their grace, get it in a fruit bowl, get
it out of a cider press— apples
to apples to apples, become sweeter,
more aromatic? It takes real skill,
honey, to be more than just another
apple on another branch in the orchard.

Tina Zhu is currently a junior at an international high school inShanghai. She discovered poetry at age ten and hasn’t been the same since.

Two other poems by Tina were published two weeks ago.


Apple Stealing

By Matt Forrest Esenwine

Image courtesy of JeremyOK (flickr.com)

Moonglow; steadfast, unwitting
lights the autumn evening
orchard shadows,
while three devious figures skulk
between the Macs
and Cortlands.

Grey watercolor brushstrokes soften
the edges;
forms flow
one into the next;
our eyes unreliable,
give way to guesswork
and guile.

Crickets and night birds
talk amongst themselves, voyeurs
in anticipation
watching us
from their posts;
our fears, we dismiss
ready our bags
plan our attack
and move in, deftly
selecting our prizes.

Suddenly, a rustling –
massive darkness looms
before us, behind, in front, beside
the trees;
bags dropped, we stop
cold, eyes straining, hearts
racing faster, faster
than stone-heavy legs.
Our criminality
laid bare, devil creature
raises its head in frightful judgment…
and bites…


into fruit.

Horses steal apples, too.

A voiceover artist and commercial writer, Matt Forrest Esenwine has had several poems published in numerous independent collections, including Metamorphosis Publishing’s “Visions,” the Tall Grass Writers Guild’s “Seasons of Change,” Assisi: Online Journal of Arts & Letters, The Licking River Review, and The Henniker Review, among others. Matt is currently seeking publication of a collection children’s of poetry; however, one of his poems will be included in the forthcoming children’s anthology, “I’m New Here.”

More of Matt’s poems will appear in YARN later this fall.

Harvest in the Blue Ridge

By Danny P. Barbare

Image courtesy of astaebell (flickr.com)

I celebrate autumn so
Bright and blue eyed
Dream like the cool nights
Cup my hands
Like the valleys and mountains
In the Blue Ridge
For I am blond as the harvest sun
Sing with joy
Open the refrigerator door
Pull out the tray of apples
Or untwist the honey jar
Cap on the kitchen counter
Relish the apple butter with
My Southern tongue.

Danny P. Barbare resides in Greenville, SC. He has been writing poetry off and on for 31 years and has been published in over 500 print and online journals. Of late, his poetry has appeared in Calico Tiger, One Title, Picayune, and others. He works as a janitor at a local YMCA. And he attends Greenville Technical College where his poetry won The Jim Gitting’s Award.

He’s also a YARN alum,


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  1. Wow, I love Tina and Danny’s poems! Well done, guys. Interesting that all three deal with the same subject, but are so different in style, tone, and imagery.

  2. Iza Trapani says:

    Three beautiful poems! I can’t believe Tina is a high school junior!

  3. Tara says:

    Oh, I did so love Apple Stealing! All that tension and buildup to that humourous, leisurely ending.

  4. Donna says:

    A deliciously sweet apple medley!

  5. Tabatha says:

    Enjoyed this autumn trio! Moonglow and horses make great “unwitting cohorts” and

    “I know how feelings when fresh
    will ferment. How can you get
    their grace” ?

    is a wonderful question. I am from the Blue Ridge, so the third one resonates sweetly for me.

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