National Poetry Month is Underway!

It’s here!  Yes, the crocuses, too–but we’re talking about National Poetry Month!!!

At YARN, we love National Poetry Month.  You might remember last year’s herculean “Crossing Country Line by Line” project in which poets from all 50 states wrote poems in response to  Donald Justice’s “Crossing Kansas by Train” and Ravi Shankar’s “Crossings” and then to each other’s poems, creating a national chain of poems.  We had some pretty major poets participate in that, like a Donald Justice Prize Winner (Ned Balbo), a Philip Levine Prize winner (Angela Narciso Torres),  a Vassar Miller Prize winner (Gibson Fay Le-Blanc), and a Rhodes Scholar (Nadine Pinede).

In 2011, we had a pretty excellent line-up that included Nikki Grimes poems, and a poems by and an interview with verse novelist Samantha Schutz.

This year, NPM is yaall about you and your writing with 30–yes, count them30 short, fun, and inspirational poetry prompts, all by Poetry Editor Kate Burak.  That’s a poem a day people.  As if you didn’t need more inspiration, we may just throw a contest into the mix.  Watch for details.  Week 1 is up now!  We encourage you to SHARE your poetry on Tumblr and Twitter, using the hashtag #NPMYARN.  It’s going to be a poetry party.  Don’t miss out!

We’ll also feature an interview with debut verse novelist Sarah Tregay whose novel “Love and Leftovers” has earned all kind of praise, including a starred review in School Library Journal.

PLUS, we’ll have fresh YARN poetry by new poets every week.  Including a few by teens–In fact, 16 year olf high school junior Mo Fowler from California has just kicked it off with a trio of poems.

What more could you want?  Grab a cup of tea/coffee/whatever and settle in for a great month of poetry here at YARN!


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