NPM Poetry Prompts: 3

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Monday April 15 – Sunday, April 21

  1. (15) Write a response to something you have read (a cereal box, a children’s book, a note posted on a telephone pole). Address your poem to the person who sent the message.
  2. (16) Hide something in a poem.  You can actually hide a word or idea—or write about the act of hiding something.
  3. (17) Write a poem about a place you know well that other people do not.  Leave a distinct emotional impression of that place.  Your readers won’t be able to forget it, but will they want to return?
  4. (18) Be snarky.  Write directly to someone who has it coming.
  5. (19) Be grateful.  Mean it.
  6. (20) Ask for help.
  7. (21) Write a prose poem (a poem in sentences that looks like a paragraph) about finding something.

Remember–these are some sparks to get you writing.  If you feel you want to wander off the topic, that’s totally fine.  The idea is to write one poem each day of National Poetry Month.  Prompts are compliments of YARN Poetry Editor Kate Burak.

We want you to TumblTweet, and/or Facebook your poems in response to these prompts.  You can also use the Comments below to post your poems!  Like our successful summer Blockbuster-Free Reading Exchange, these prompts are meant to get you thinking in fun, communal ways about writing!

Be sure to TAG your Tumblr and Twitter posts with the hashtag #NPMYARN if you want to join our party!  For Facebook, tag YARN! Other ideas:  Team up with friends and swap the poems you write.  Use Tumblr or Twitter to write collaborative poems in response to the poems below.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be so proud of some of the poetry you write, you’ll end up submitting it to YARN!

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