Synesthesia, Perfect You

By Nisha Sharma

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There is a drop of lily oil
in the vile containing my thoughts
that make up a cakey layer
spread over the inside of my cranial shell.
It flakes and falls
into my occipital lobe
and I swear I see flowers and honey dew
lemon drops in your smile.
The image is so vivid that I
smell on your breath
the vanilla undertones.

Perfect You

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I wish upon you, Ms. Size Two,
a double chin.
A rounded face
that makeup can’t hide.
I wish you saggy breasts
and saggier biceps that jiggle
when you walk.
I wish you a rounded belly
that hide your feet
when you stand up straight.
I wish you dark rash lines
along the equator of your body
where those jeans will always be tight.
I wish you fat thighs, Ms. Size Two,
so fat that skin creases into stretch marks
permanently indenting your body.
I wish you swollen feet
that don’t fit into high heels.
For good measure,
I wish you the most amazing personality
that shines through your eyes
but that no one can see
because you are not
the perfect you.

Award-winning author Nisha Sharma was raised in the countryside of northeast, Pennsylvania. With very little to do in a small town, Nisha filled her spare time with eighties music, Bollywood movies, and lots of romance novels. When she ran out of romances to read at her local library, she started writing sequels to her favorites and she’s been writing ever since. Nisha graduated from Muhlenberg College with a B.A. in English, Hofstra School of Law with a J.D, and she is pursuing her M.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. Nisha is the National YA Book Columnist for and she is published under her pseudonym Tess Quinn with The Wild Rose Press. You can finder her at



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  1. ASMR says:

    I love Mr.Blue Jeans

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