“Swimming Naked” Wins SCBWI Magazine Merit Award!

Photo courtesy of Paolo Avila (flickr.com)

Well, we always knew the work we published was award-winning caliber.  But now we have outside verification.  Stephen Eoannou’s short story “Swiming Naked,” published in January 2012, just won an SCBWI Magazine Merit Honor for Fiction!

This prestigious award regularly highlights the best of what’s being published in the children’s writing community, and we are honored to be mentioned alongside publications like Cicada, Highlights, and Cricket.  Congrats to the other winners.

Stephen’s story stood out from the submissions inbox with strong recommendations from two readers, and when Kerri read it, she knew YARN had to have it.  It is the gripping story of a teen boy who must decide what he will do as he watches a peer get bullied by peers and teachers alike because he refuses to swim naked like everyone else, as instructed by his phys ed teacher.  It’s a true test of character, and it’s a testament to Stephen’s skills as a writer that the story is told without moralizing or sentimentality.

More than a year later, it continues to be one of YARN’s most-read pieces (just look at the comments!).  It’s worth a re-read, and if you haven’t read it already, we hope you will now.

Thanks to SCBWI for this honor, and to Stephen for submitting.  And to all of you for reading!

So.  What’s your YARN?



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