If you do nothing else this summer…

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Read.  As much as you can.  If you have the cash, I hope you’ll spend it on some lesser-known YA writers, maybe recommended by your local indie bookstore employees, friends, or found right here at YARN–in the spirit of our Blockbuster-Free Summer Reading Exchange of 2012, which will be making pop-up appearances on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr this summer.

If money is tight, well….of course you know that all the great fiction, poetry, and essays we publish right here on YARN is free.  But maybe your friends don’t know–it’s always a good time to remind them, or tell them for the first time (and thanks for helping to spread the word).  Thanks to new Editors Diana Renn and Kate Burak, not to mention other new staffers like Kylie Brien, Brianna Robinson, and Yoshi Makashima, we’ve shared some really fantastic new work in the last few months, including exclusive shorts by Sara Zarr AND Ned Vizinni, an interview with Sarah Tregay, plus exceptional fiction and poetry by aspiring writers of every age. One of our stories, “Swimming Naked,” was even honored by SCBWI!

You can also visit your local public library–the YA librarians know their collections well, and are always great at letting you know what you should read next if you liked “Delirium,” “Looking for Alaska,” or “Speak.”

Because really….few things are better than and iced beverage and great book on a hot summer afternoon.  And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing that instead of anything else (riding bikes, going to the mall, or swimming at the town pool).  If you’re an aspiring writer, not only is reading part of your job, it’s good karma.  If you’re not a writer, then thank you–thank you for being someone who makes books possible.  Read on!

If I may, I have 3 books in particular to recommend, each of which is very different from the other: 1)  Diana’s first YA novel, a thrilling mystery that will take you from Seattle to Tokyo, Japan, is just out in paperback–all the better for your beach-toting purposes!  “Tokyo Heist”: don’t miss it.  2) And in case you didn’t know, Kate’s first YA novel, “Emily’s Dress and OTher Missing Things,” was up for an Edgar Award earlier this year!!  She stitches together a riveting tale with threads of poetry, history, and Emily Dickinson.  Seriously.  3) You might have also seen that my very own first book, a memoir of my younger writing life, is out: “This is Not a Writing Manual.”  I’m super proud of it, and also super nervous about it, and I’d love to hear what you think of it–here in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever.

Kerri Majors, EditorAnd…….. We’ll see you again in September.  Just like always, we’re taking the summer off from publishing new work, but we’ll be reading all summer long.  We want to know: What’s your YARN?  

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  1. Kitsy Smith says:

    This is Not A Writing Manual is an honest and inspirational memoir about the writing life. It transcends the writing career and can be applied to many careers. Bravo to Ms Majors for her wisdom and insights.

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