Modest Goddess & Ring Tones

Note from YARN:  We’re always happy to get new submissions from YARN alums, and were so glad when Anna Levine came back to us with two quite different poems this fall!

Modest Goddess


Picture taken by Anna herself!

Caught in the nude
by an intruder,
she tries to hide
her hips
her tits
the seductive sigh of her thigh
as she bends down low

it’s Apollo

Ring Tones

A guy can tell
a lot about a girl
by the ring of her cell,
if she’s hip
hop – or
hard rock
if she’s got the blues
or would sooner choose
a honky-tonk

Image courtesy of Rob Walker (

Image courtesy of Rob Walker (

But when the girl
with auburn curls
takes the seat
next to mine,
I hear ringing,
that repeats
and heats
up to a fevered pitch –

“Answer it!”

But no one does.

it’s coming from
the cell phone
set to the ring tone
of my


me in the gardenBorn in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Anna Levine moved to Israel when she was twenty. She is presently working on an adult novel and has a picture book coming out in Spring 2015 starring her favorite female archaeologist, Jodie. Her young adult novel, FREEFALL, won the Sydney Taylor Honor’s Award and her first YA was on the NY Public Library’s Best Book list in the year 2000.  For more poetry, short stories and info on Anna check out her website And please write to her, she likes to take breaks from writing, by writing to her readers.


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  1. Gila Green says:

    Excellent. You’ve really hit the right note here.

  2. Love these poems! Imagery is wonderful.

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