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Image courtesy of Simnatic (

Image courtesy of Simnatic (

THANK YOU FOR MAKING NPM 2104 SUCH A BIG SUCCESS!!!  Below is our preview email for the month, but it serves just as well as a recap.  Congrats to Janelle, who won our Random Word Contest, and to everyone else to entered, read, and helped spread the word.  

Here at YARN, we are a bit biased about the fourth month of the year. Sure, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the end of school is getting closer, but this is not why we love April.

We love poetry.

In honor of  National Poetry Month, we have gone above and beyond to make this year the best celebration of the genre yet.

We have several esteemed, established poets contributing to celebrate National Poetry Month: Margarita Engle, Ellen Hopkins, and Holly Thompson. Engle is the author of several acclaimed young adult verse novels including “The Poet Slave of Cuba,” “The Firefly Letters,” and “The Lightning Dreamer.” Hopkins has written bestselling verse novels, which include “Crank,” “Burned,” and “Identical.” Thompson is the author of verse novels “Orchards” and “The Language Inside” and the editor of “Tomo: Friendship Through Fiction–An Anthology of Japan Teen Stories.” (You may remember that we previewed a story from “Tomo” with Wendy Nelson Tokunaga’s “Love Right On the Yesterday” two years ago.)

We will also be hosting The Random Word Contest (#RWC)! This is based on a poetry project John Corey Whaley and Randi Anderson shared with us back in 2012 . Their version included a collection of random words one writer choose for another. From there, each writer wrote a poem/poems utilizing these words.

Our RWC will ask writers to select words from poetry published right here on YARN during last year’s National Poetry Month. By the end of the month, we will compile all the entries and have our guest judge, the mastermind himself, John Corey Whaley – author of the Printz and Morris award-winning novel “Where Things Come Back” and the forthcoming  “Noggin” out April 8 – choose a winner.

As if being read by Corey wasn’t enough, we’re offering a PRIZE, too!  Stay tuned for details.

So, join us for our 4th annual celebration, and keep in mind the wise words of e.e. cummings during this month: “Well, write poetry, for God’s sake, it’s the only thing that matters.”

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