Teachers! This is for you.

Cover JPEGAre you an English teacher? A librarian? A literacy specialist? Working in anything reading-and-writing related for grades 7-12, and even college undergrads?

Then this special announcement is for you!

Writer’s Digest Books, the publisher of YARN editor Kerri’s “This Is Not a Writing Manual,” has just released a Teacher’s Edition PDF with FREE new content she has designed especially for teachers.

Kerri has been a teacher for years, and she dedicated a whole chapter to the synergy of teaching and writing in her book.  Now, as a writer-teacher, she wants to help teachers mentor as many young writers and other kinds of artists and word-people (future editors, PR mavens, etc), as possible.

So she is giving away some of her best teaching material. 

The Teacher’s Edition PDF, which is available for download here by anyone who thinks they might use it, contains the following materials, which is new and not available anywhere else:

  • 5 of my favorite creative writing lessons plans, complete with time break-downs for hour-long class sessions.  Each lesson can be used on their own, or as part of a progressive unit.  They all are  tailored to help you meet those Common Core Standards, too.  I also offer advanced options in each lesson for older and/or more experienced writing students.  Plus, these are fun lessons designed to help “writer” students improve, and reluctant writers engage–with strategies like writing from the point of view of a dog, and ruminating on TGIF, students will hardly realize they are learning to use writing essentials like voice, theme, showing-not-telling, dialogue, critique, character development, and more.
  • A Bonus revision workshop called “Cut Half” (which requires students to, yes, cut half of a draft–gulp!).
  • Workshop Ground Rules
  • Guide to Forming a Teen Writing Group
  • A Reader’s Guide full of excellent questions for discussing “This Is Not a Writing Manual,” designed by Lourdes Keochgerien, YARN’s Editor-at-Large (who also freelances as a guide creator, should you need those services yourself).

Be sure to visit Kerri at her website, and follow her on Twitter, where she micro-blogs about writing, reading, eating, and teaching.

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