Three New Poems from YARN alum Jacqueline Jules

A lesson for all writers: RETURN.  Show more work to teachers who appreciate you. Call up your long lost writing buddy.  Submit again to magazines who have published your previous work. That’s what one of YARN’s favorite poets and alums Jacqueline Jules has done.  Seeing a new submission from her in our inbox is always a thrill.  We are so pleased to be bringing you three new poems this National Poetry Month.


Free Fall

Image © Thunderchild7 (

Image © Thunderchild7 (

A phone call shoved me
out of a well-planned flight,
ten thousand feet in the air.
Never a thrill seeker,
I mourn the imagined safety
of sturdy metal wings I believed
would save me from falling,
breathless, through freezing air.
But screaming won’t keep me
from crashing into a tree
or hitting the ground in a splat.
I’ve no choice
but to pull the rip cord and trust
in the billowing sheets
above my head.

A Sharp-Beaked Bird

is flapping its wings
inside my chest.
Its raucous caw
ignites hot words
begging to flame on my lips.
my rib cage will be pecked to bits.
Help me to expel this livid creature.
Push two fingers down my throat
and squeeze its scrawny neck.
Help me to toss
the rancid body outside.
Leave it on the compost heap,
where it can gracefully decay
with kitchen scraps and moldy leaves
and other rotting things that smell.

Online Introductions

Image © Alan Kim (

Image © Alan Kim (

Heather e-mailed emoticons
and exclamation points,
leading me to expect
effervescence face to face,
not the subdued lips I met.

While Jillian’s formal salutations
and sincerely
did not prepare me
for in person conversation
punctuated by a nervous giggle
only slightly softer
than a goose honk.

Yes, indeed,
I’m pleased to know,
I’m not the only one
who types  the person
I’m practicing to be
before carefully clicking “send.”

JacquelineJulesCroppedJacqueline Jules is the award-winning author of 26 children’s books, including the “Zapato Power” series, “Unite or Die: How Thirteen States Became a Nation,” and “Never Say a Mean Word Again.”  Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications and anthologies including “The Poetry Friday” anthologies edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. Her YA chapbook, “Field Trip to the Museum,” which includes three poems originally published in YARN, was released in March 2014 by Finishing Line Press. Learn about the poetry book at

Jacqueline also blogs about teaching writing at Pencil Tips Writing Workshop

To learn more about Jacqueline’s books, visit her online at

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