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Hi there Loyal YARN Readers,

Image courtesy of kke227 (

Image courtesy of kke227 (

We really can’t thank you enough for making 2014-2015 such a terrific season.  YOU are the ones who read, share, and comment on all the YA short stories, essays, poetry, and interviews we publish.  Without you, there would be no new work by writers like Lamar Giles, Steve Brezenoff, Ellen Hopkins, or Jenny Torres Sanchez, or interviews with Leila Sales, Margarita Engle, and Ellen Conford–not to mention first-time publications by new voices, adult and teen alike.  We love discovering these new talents as much as you do, and also publishing exclusives by the writers we both cherish.

As usual, as warm June turns to hot July, we are taking a break on publishing new material.  This time, though, instead of returning in September, we are going to return in April 2015, reopening for another terrific National Poetry Month, and publishing all the way through Summer 2015!

There are a few reasons for this longer break, and I won’t bore you with all of them.  The two main ones are these.  First: I’ve always wondered what a YARN Summer Edition would be like.  Might we gather new readers that way, when YA lovers young and young-at-heart are feeling a little more relaxed, free of their syllabi and To-Do lists?  Might more of our long-time fans find extra time to savor the work we publish on a weekly basis?  I hope so.  There is only one way to find out!  In order to prepare for Spring/Summer YARN 2015, it just made sense logistically to take this longer break now.

The second reason I know you will all appreciate: Everyone on the staff, all of whom are writers and artists and librarians and teachers and other word-industry professionals, need a little extra time for their various non-YARN projects.  I’m going to be delving into a work of historical fiction, Diana will be launching another YA mystery and working on her next novel; Lauren is heading off to China; Sarah is getting married; Lourdes is tending to her new business as a Reader’s Guide creator; Rachel is applying to college; Maggie is going to college; and Yoshi and Brianna are moving into the big bad world of post-college work.

Thanks, we know you wish us well. 🙂  We know you have a lot going on, too.

We WILL be back, don’t you worry.  In fact, we already have material lined up for the spring.  And while we’re away on the main YARN site, our Facebook and Twitter accounts will be humming away, engaging with you about all the exciting news in the world of YA.

Have an awesome summer and cool fall.  And thanks again for all that you do.

Photo by Peter Su

Photo by Peter Su


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