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Wish we actually had such a meeting place! (Image courtesy of TIG Photos,

Wish we actually had such a meeting place! (Image courtesy of TIG Photos,

As YARN rolls into our FIFTH year of publication, I am amazed to say that our staff has grown from 7 editors and readers, to 18–editors, readers, and social media people.  It’s awesome.  It means that YARN is growing–because YOU are reading, and because YA short stories, poetry, and essays matter.  So, thanks for that!

I’ll let you read more about these great new additions to the YARN staff on our masthead, but in brief, they are:

  • Kip Wilson Rechea, our Poetry Editor!  Kip is working on a YA historical novel, and has a PhD in German poetry, specifically Rilke. (So, you know, we thought she was more than qualified for the job).
  • Justin Barisich, Poetry Reader.  Justin is applying to MFA programs for poetry, and doing all kinds of other fascinating entrepreneurial things with words and young people.
  • Olivia Romano, Essays Reader.  I met Olivia at a teen writing workshop in the fall and was way impressed.
  • Jackie Coy, Poetry Reader.  I met Jackie at the same writing and she was just as cool as Olivia.  Part of the reason I share this with you all is because it’s good for you young writers to get out there and take workshops and meet teachers and writers!  You never know what might happen when you do 🙂
  • Rebecca Van Roevan, Twitter.  She’s from Australia, People!  How cool is that?  We love having an international staff.  She also claims to read 10 YA novels a month–and her picture would appear to support that.  🙂

So, WELCOME you five!  Hey, there’s that number again……


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