A Childhood, First World Problems

Welcome to National Poetry Month at YARN! AND to our 5th Anniversary year!  What better way to celebrate than with two lovely poems by Genevieve Poe, a 15-year-old writer?

A Childhood

Image © multisani (https://www.flickr.com/photos/reflexe/galleries/72157622430046817/#photo_3528704376)

Image © multisani (https://www.flickr.com/photos/reflexe/galleries/72157622430046817/#photo_3528704376)

We played hopscotch
With cigarette butts

Carefully plucking them out
Of the playground sand

We sang drinking songs
Of love and things we never

It never occurred to us
To light those cigarettes
Or drink your dad’s gin

We both agreed that
My older brother
Always smelled funny
After an afternoon
With his friends

And when your sister
Got bigger and bigger
We never understood
The day she came home
With a baby
               Or the day it disappeared
               And she cried herself to sleep

Then one day,
We set fire to hopscotch

We stole your dad’s gin
And drank it all in one night
Because your mother was dead

And after a night we don’t
Remember at all,
You started smelling funny and
I got bigger and bigger,
Then I cried myself to sleep

Later, for old time’s sake,
We played hopscotch
With still warm cigarette butts
And sang drinking songs
Of love and things
That we understood

We stayed up all night
With stolen bottles of scotch
And drank it all in one night
Because we weren’t dead


First World Problems

I like the way in the summer
When the wind blows,
It blows wishes off of dandelions

Image © Stephanie Carter (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kdey/galleries/72157624039537467/#photo_1348264526)

Image © Stephanie Carter (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kdey/galleries/72157624039537467/#photo_1348264526)

What do you think
The wind wishes for?
The wind has no worries

But when it travels the world
It sees what we don’t.
With our first world problems

We don’t think about not having any food
Only that we have wifi
To spread our message
Of pretending to support the poor

We are ever so good
At saying
‘Yes! We’ll help’

But when the time comes to act
To get on the plane
To give up our lives
We tend to say, ‘Never mind’

I wish for enough dandelion wishes
To save the world from itself
Before all is forgotten
Of those who came third


Genevieve PoeGenevieve Poe is the middle child of three and was born in Houston, Texas, were she attended an international school with a heavy emphasis on cultural awareness. She grew up people of all different religions and races. Later, she moved to a small town in Utah, with a strong LDS influence and very little diversity. She has interest in writing, music, and media production.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What beautiful poems.

  2. Terrific poems Genevieve, keep them coming.

  3. Terrific poems, Genevieve, keep writing whatever else happens.

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