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#yarn5 Contest!

As you know, we traditionally hold a poetry contest during National Poetry Month–last year’s “Random Word Contest,” judged by John  Corey Whaley, was a smashing success.  We’ve waited all year to bring you another one!

This year, to celebrate our fifth year of publication, we are holding the #yarn5 Contest!  The #yarn5 is a poetry contest calling for any and all riffs on the number five. This could be anything from 5-line poems to 5-word poems to poems featuring five characters or the five senses to anything marvelously wild and creative and 5-relevant as it can be. Anything is game as long as it fits in the theme of five!

This year, our guest judge is none other than super-agent, YA author, and YARN alum John Cusick, who will be selecting the winning entries and offering the fab prizes outlined below.

Here are the rules and guidelines:

  1. Your poem/poems must fit in with the #yarn5 theme.
  2. Post your poem/s in the Comments section below, and be sure to include your name and contact info. Feel free to talk up the contest and your entry on twitter using the #yarn5 hashtag!
  3. Submissions will be open from April 1st and will close on April 20th 5pm EST.
  4. We will compile all the entries and have our guest judge, John Cusick – literary agent with Greenhouse Literary and author of the YA novels, “Girl Parts” and “Cherry Money Baby” – choose a winner and a runner-up.
  5. The winner will receive a 10-page critique from super-agent John, along with an audio book of “Girl Parts.” The runner-up will get a copy of the print edition of “Cherry Money Baby.” Plus both winners will be given the opportunity to have MORE of his/her fiction/nonfiction/poetry published on YARN!

What are you waiting for?  Ready….. Set….. 1……. 2…… 3…… 4……. 5…….!!!!

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  1. Carrie Austin says:

    Cardboard Boxes

    Five cardboard boxes pulled out
    Ships sailing over the seas
    Tunnels below a deep dark cave
    A castle filled with kings and queens
    Five big boxes change a kid’s day

  2. Carrie Austin says:

    The Five Golden Rings of Emily Sue

    The first ring came for Emily Sue
    When her mother called the world to say she was due

    The second came when she turned sixteen
    It was young love that gave her that ring

    And when Emily Sue turned twenty-three
    The love of her life got down on his knees

    The worst ring came when she was fifty-two
    The doctor apologized when he gave her the news

    The church bells chimed on a day so blue
    It was the final ring for Emily Sue

  3. Kathleen Leppert says:

    Love In Every Sense

    My lips kiss off your salty tears
    Your napping breath both sweet and sour
    I could watch you sleep for hours
    A chubby palm encircles one pointer
    Mama.. no lovelier sound

  4. Kerri says:

    Patty and others with similar questions–We have to “approve” all comments/poems, so sometimes there is a delay! If you don’t see your poem, please email editors[at]

  5. M S Aarons says:

    I Am

    Five days, every week – I am someone that I am not
    I type menial sentences to form ideas that do not matter to me
    I wear a freshly scented mask of make-up and glitz to please people that may not even know my name
    My face is adorned with a smile that resembles a five year old girl wearing her mother’s clothes

    Five nights, every week – I am someone that I am
    I put words together that evolve into ideas that truly matter to me
    I wear T-shirts that could be mistaken for cleaning rags; if it were not for their neatly folded state
    My eyes are ablaze with the possibilities of my future when I gaze upon those that matter to me

    It is easy for me to mourn the loss of myself – five days, every week
    But five nights, every week – I emerge through the thick fog clinging to the lantern of creativity
    And as the thoughts and ideas pour out of me with the burning intensity of molten metal
    I find a sense of peace because five nights, every week – I get to be someone that I am

    And what a gift five nights can be!

  6. Larry Fogel says:

    I just noticed that there was a typo on my poem. (So much for using my cell phone.)

    I’m attaching the corrected version here:

    I hold my hand behind my back,
    all five fingers stretched out,

    If you get it right
    I’ll do anything you ask.

    My daughter looks up at me
    Eyes bright, full of hope.

    Three, she says.

  7. Alexis Jensen says:

    “Antique Shopping”

    Pale white gold chips away into a tarnished pewter
    A spider web of cracked glass
    The mirror, whose face showed a foggy reflection

    Entering the frame came the feeble man once again.
    Deep impressions of frown lines pulled tighter around chapped lips
    Yellow fingernails bring themselves to touch and graze
    Just below the circles that embedded themselves under his eyes,
    His mouth opening ever so slightly.

    After poking the places he didn’t like,
    His eyes flickered to his razor
    Picking it up, not even bothering with the cream,
    He dragged it across his chin-
    Fat drops of red rolled down desperately.

    He gave no movement only for that frozen second.
    The clatter of the razor happened somewhere far away
    There really was no pain, not any that was important enough to acknowledge
    His gaze returned to the mirror,
    Bringing his fingers to touch the cracked glass

    Pale blue eyes bore into the mirror
    Spider web veins can be seen below the surface of translucent skin
    The man, whose face showed nothing but occasional frustrated questioning
    Stood toward his distortion,

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