Paper Planes, The Seven Seas

By Noor Dhingra

"Outside the Window" © Yu-Chan Chen (

“Outside the Window” © Yu-Chan Chen (

Paper Planes

Let the houses turn smaller and
smaller, as you sit back in your seat and
watch the roads and streets and narrow
winding paths evolve into tangible
motifs that look like emblems of a
past blurred with the makings of a future.

Let the sparse air welcome
you into the home of clouds and
lightning, where mellow blues dance in
short-lived trances of rain and thunder.

As you watch the world in fleeting moments,
let your eyes swim with the infinite parallax of
movement, let your mind glide with instances
waiting to happen, and let your journey
transcend way past your ideas of home.

The Seven Seas

There is a strange and
eerie line
that divides the
running deep
tides of stubbornness and
soft waves of quiet longing.
Instead of living
on the bubbles of
the ebb and the flow,
this line
cuts through the water in a
harsh furrow of light,
leaving the
seas incomplete in their own
right, irking for
parts of their
to fill up
the imagined

DhingraNoor Dhingra is a 17-year old high-school student from New Delhi, India. An avid reader and writer, she often loses herself amidst the beauty and strangeness of words. She hopes to someday author books of her own. Apart from her love for literature, she is also extremely passionate about art and enjoys sketching and painting.

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  1. Fida Islaih says:

    These poems are beautiful!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    These are gorgeous. You have real talent, Noor. Thank you for sharing your work. 🙂

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