YARN Bids a Fond Farewell

bluevoyagecover_sm_f2Wow, this is one HARD post to write.  

Really hard!

So I’m just going to come right out with it: Our beloved Fiction Editor of three years is handing in her blue pen.  Diana Renn, author of globetrotting YA mysteries Tokyo Heist, Latitude Zero, and Blue Voyage, is moving on–literally and figuratively.  She’s moving houses in the leafy state of Massachusetts, and she is also moving on from YARN.  She has some really excellent ideas she’s working on, and we’re not at liberty to divulge, but–watch out for her!  She’ll be coming your way with a yarn that’s going to be supercalifragilistic.

Meanwhile, we here at YARN will be missing her.  Not just because she’s been a chill, easy to work with Fiction Editor that still managed to meet every single deadline, but also because under her wise leadership, the YARN Fiction section has grown and matured in important ways.  It’s become more diverse, has helped unknown authors attract agents and known writers find new readers, and 4 of the stories she selected have gone on to win SCBWI Magazine Merit Awards (watch for the latest in another announcement to come very soon!).  She has also caringly and thoughtfully mentored many teen writers through the difficult process of revision and editing, and shepherded them all the way to publication.  Because of her fiction picks, YARN is way more well known than it was in 2013–and that’s even in an expanding landscape of YA literary journals.

DianaRenn_AuthorPhoto_1So, Diana: THANK YOU.  ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouHowManyTimesCanIWriteThisThankYouThankYou!!!!

LOVE and Confetti from

Kerri & and the Whole YARN Team


PS, in case you’re wondering, yes we will have a new fiction editor–not yet, but don’t worry, all the submissions are still getting read by Readers and other YARN editors!

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