Mi parada de autobús, Jiffy-Lube

By Mackenzie Vanover

Mi parada de autobús

“Little dreams” © Sonia Safa (https://www.flickr.com/photos/soniasafa/4019356607/)

She twists
the yellow-gold ring
around a slender, dusky knuckle,
and alone, gazes
through neglected nicotine
Plexiglass. Locked away, she sees
Chihuahua, miles collapsed in
between. The mountains rest
in her, Sierra Madre, remain
green and freckled
with snow. He,
stole her with eternal-onyx eyes, shadows
from the Rio Grande’s depth, anchor-locked
with her’s. Pressed granulated sunlight
on amarillo grass, pressed them through
the fields
to the border,

presses in,
quickly cooks the stale air, joins her
and the milky metal bench. Sticky sweat bubbles
under the sheath of black hair,
and in the soft, inner crease
of her elbow, it pools. Across
the street, the shade
of a cherry tree spills on its roots,

A beckon,
a call. Ven
mi vida, come.

But the ring weighs heavy,
keeping her
in the cage of heat, and the shade
remains as distant as her


Shifting his weight
against the white brick, smoke leaked through
his chapped lips as agitated
cars and tractor-trailers crawled
just beyond the parking lot.

Wind rushed
along the side of the shop, whipping
a daredevil of ash
into his dark goatee. Caught in the wind’s brew
of bitter Anti-Freeze, he smelled
golden fast-food and his own sweat.
He could hear the others, inside,
waiting, just like him.
Their laughter reached around the corner
and settled around him, inescapable.

He pinched the cigarette’s ember-tip,
flicking it onto the pavement littered
with yesterday’s butts.

Mackenzie Vanover‘s first poem, “The Perfect Pet,” was published when she was in the fifth grade. This was the beginning of her long affair with poetry. When she is not composing poems about the people she sees around her, Mackenzie is teaching high school English and traveling along the East Coast to delight audiences with original stories. Mackenzie received her Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Mary Washington and her Master of Arts in Children’s Literature from Hollins University. Currently, she lives in Virginia with her fiancé and their rescue kitty, Theodore Chester.

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