Kerri’s Debut Novel!

YARN loves to celebrate when one of it’s own staff or alums had exciting news, and this certainly qualifies: My debut novel about Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy will be published by Berkley in 2018!

THE DEBUTANTE (working title) is the story of Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, fourth of Rose and Joe Kennedy’s famous brood.  She and her family lived in London when her father was the American Ambassador on the eve of WWII. In England, she is the effervescent It-Girl of the debutante season. Like her older brother Jack, there’s something special about Kick – but she wants more than popularity. She wants to be her own person, to shape an identity separate from that of her famous family.  In England, a country she adores from the start, Kick begins to see that this transformation might be possible.

Then she meets handsome and reticent Billy Hartington, the future Duke of Devonshire.  Kick and Billy hit it off right away, but Kick’s parents would never accept a Protestant, and Billy’s ancestors are anti-Catholic.  When WWII hits, Kick must decide where her true loyalties lie: with love or with family.

This will be an “adult” title, but rest assured that YA readers will love Kick’s story.  When the novel opens, Kick is just 18 years old, after all, and a debutante who falls in love for the first time.  It is a coming of age story if ever there was one–and it’s set in some seriously glamorous, and then seriously dangerous, times.

You no doubt remember that I also published a memoir, This is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World, in which I gave all kinds of advice about living the writing life. I’m going to continue the work I started in that book, encouraging readers and writers everywhere on my Facebook and Instagram pages – follow me there, and you’ll also find out more about the publication of my very first novel.

Photo by Peter Su

Thanks for being on this journey with me, Readers.  I’m so excited for this next chapter.




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