Storm, A Castle by the Sea

By Gina Pasciuto


she’s a force
to be reckoned with
a toss of her cascading hair
infects young hearts
one word
from the cherry lips
can heal
or cut to the bone
when she steps into a room
people sit up
and take notice
they want to catch her attention
to see recognition
in her deep blue eyes
she’s tough and she knows it
she knows how her presence
creates a full-on gale
and you are beginning to realize
why storms are named after people

“Untitled” © vic xia (

A Castle by the Sea

I told her once,
in a poem I’ll never let her read
because doing that would be
like taking a knife to my guts
and spilling them onto the ground
in front of her, blood dripping
on her stockings, and that would
be weird—I justify so many things
that stir the boiling pot of anxiety
in my head by saying they would
be weird—but I told her once
that I’d build her a castle in my mind
from my words alone
because she was in there so much
that she might as well have
a place to stay.

Imagine it—the perfect, creepy castle,
built from words, stanzas in the foundation
holding together towers of simile,
windows draped with imagery,
surrounded by the ocean of neural
processes that brought the whole thing
into being. Life came from the ocean once,
and now it’s what keeps her alive inside my head.
Sounds like something out of a book,
which I think she would appreciate.
if I ever let her read it.

But it stays here, locked up tight
in my own crumbling mental mansion,
because the ocean that separates us
is way wider than my thoughts
could ever conceive, and I’m sitting
at the shoreline with my toes in the sand,
tossing postcards into the salt breeze
and hoping they arrive at her door
like my love never could.

Gina Pasciuto is a junior at Fontbonne Academy in Milton, Massachusetts. Throughout high school, she has focused on rediscovering herself through poetry. Her work can also be found in the Spring 2018 issue of Girls Right the World, an online literary magazine created by and for young women. Outside of writing, she enjoys theater, karate, podcasts, and advocating for the LGBT community.

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