The 2019 Season Begins — with BIG News

“Spring Thaw” © Laura Williams McCaffrey


And so begins the 2019 season

Some of us still aren’t seeing many glimpses of spring — but it has to turn up soon. April is right around the corner, and so is our 2019 season.

This year has brought big changes for a number of YARN folks. Kerri, our Founder and Essays Editor, released her historical novel for adults “The Kennedy Debutante,” and Kip, our Poetry Editor, will release her historical YA novel-in-verse “White Rose.”

We’ve been thrilled to offer a pop-up story this winter “The Writer,” and to post a fantastic interview with Renée Watson and Ellen Hagan about their new YA novel “Watch Us Rise.” Renée and Ellen also offered a couple of spectacular outtakes. If you haven’t had a chance to read these yet, please do!

We’re offering a shorter season this spring, but it’s full of delicious reads. Nina LaCour is working on answering some questions for us, and we’ll share that interview with you soon. We loved her novel “We Are Okay,” now out in paperback!

Now for some sad news. Because of the many changes in our busy lives, we have to announce that YARN is going on an indefinite hiatus. We all love the work — and especially the stories, poems, and essays you send us — but we don’t currently have what it takes to commit to continuing after this season. We offer some goodbyes-for-now:

From Laura McCaffrey: I was so honored to join this team of open-hearted editors and writers. I’ve loved all that our submitters so generously and bravely offered to us. I’ve adored working on the stories we’ve published here. Like Kip and Kerri, I’ll miss this. I recently read Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus,” and, like the characters in that novel, I often find myself with other rêveurs, appearing and disappearing to create a little magic. I hope to run into many of you elsewhere.

From Kip Wilson: I’m now on my fifth season at YARN and have loved working with our poets and readers, so I will really miss reading new submissions this year. If the opportunity arises to break our hiatus, I will be all for it! And if not, I hope to see many of you in the poetry-related interwebs in the years to come.

From Kerry Maher: YARN changed my life when I launched it with a few good friends close a decade ago — not only did it make me an editor and entrepreneur, it made me a better and more open-hearted writer. I’ve learned so much from reading submissions by aspiring teens and famous authors alike, as well as from the amazing crew of editors and readers I’ve had the privilege of working with.  I’m so grateful to Diana, Kip, and Laura for taking the journal over these past few years when I need to semi-retire. And three cheers for YOU, READERS, for it’s you who have made YARN worth the effort since 2010. I really can’t thank you enough.

Don’t disappear quite yet, dear readers. You’ll find plenty here through April and May.

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  1. Laura says:

    late response, but will the site remain up?

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