By Cassidy Bishop

“Summer is on the way” © Sue Corbisez (https://www.flickr.com/photos/suec-creations/34707924945)


My corneas have dissolved
My irises have melted
And my lenses have evaporated.
For you are the sun
And you have made home inside my optics.
I can feel the cordiform flowers rise toward my eyes inside me
Wrapping ‘round my ribs
Growing and glowing with the light you’ve planted in my oculus.
My whole life
Has been focused on saving my withering eyes
But now that they are sunlit,
It feels as though
I should have let them go
A long time ago.

Cassidy Bishop is a 16-year-old aspiring poet dwelling in the city of Loveland, Colorado. There, she learned how to be inspired by nature, humanity, and visual art. She loves to paint, take photos, and of course, write–because of this versatility, she believes a poem and a painting have little difference and hopes to help you understand that poetry, just like painting, is an art.

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