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Kerri’s Debut Novel!

YARN loves to celebrate when one of it’s own staff or alums had exciting news, and this certainly qualifies: My debut novel about Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy will be published by Berkley in 2018!


Finding Someday in the Dark

Congratulations to Laura Keller! “Finding Someday in the Dark” won the YA Fiction/Nonfiction SCBWI Magazine Merit Award!



Congratulations to K.D. Van Brunt! “Bang” won the YA Fiction/Nonfiction SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Honor!


Sequels and Shadows, Letter to a Teenage Self

By Sarah Hackley

Letter To A Teenage Self
Listen: It Isn’t Enough
to dull those pains.
There isn’t enough liquor
or willing men in the world
to outrun what you’ve got […]


Hold, Work of Art

Two poems by Samantha Polak with formatting so cool we can’t put it into this window. So click already!


What Do Flowers Have To Do With It Anyway?

By Malley Chertkov

I liked flowers so
I welcomed the fists
And waited till the next day
For the violets to grow […]


A Childhood, First World Problems

Welcome to National Poetry Month at YARN! AND to our 5th Anniversary year!  What better way to celebrate than with two lovely poems by Genevieve Poe, a 15-year-old writer?

A Childhood

We played hopscotch
With cigarette butts […]


Ellen Conford’s Classic “If This Is Love, I’ll Take Spaghetti”

Update, 3/27/15:  A week ago, on Friday, March 20, Ellen Conford died at her home in Great Neck, NY.  We can’t think of a better tribute to this star of YA than to repost this wonderful short story that shows off her trademark humor and insight.  YARN will be thinking fondly of her for a long time to come….


About the YARN Toolbox

Hello Teachers,

Thanks for coming to the Teach section of YARN. As we mentioned in our first letter to you in this section, the YARN editors are also teachers and we understand just how useful a completely prepared lesson plan can be […]


Poetry Pop-Up!

We couldn’t resist one last Pop-Up YARN before our official 2015 season opening in April—partly because we’ve always sent our readers a Valentine (and following tradition, this first poem is an anti-Valentine of sorts), and partly because this second poem evokes winter so strongly and beautifully, we couldn’t bear to publish it when the weather warms. 



A January Pop-Up! Because, you know, we like our readers.

Lynn Vande Stouwe

The second week in January was Winterim, during which students at our second-rate private school could purchase a week of self-discovery for approximately one thousand dollars: camping with Hopi Indians in Arizona, building sweat lodges in Honduras. Most popular were trips […]

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