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Pop-Up YARN: Missing Person

Okay, I know we’re not supposed to bring you anything new till April, but we couldn’t resist bringing you this very dark story by Lelac Almagor in October, the month of shorter days and ghosts. Enjoy!

Doree Schultz raised her hand in class and said she was gonna write about a boy who never knew his own father. Everyone rolled their eyes or sucked their teeth because that was Doree for you […]


One in the Belly

By the amazing Steve Brezenoff

Fuck fuck fuck fuck . . .

“Wait,” I say through my clenched teeth, and I shift around on the floor and grab at the bunched-up beach towel under me. It doesn’t do a great job making the tiles of the third-floor girls’ bathroom comfortable.

“Christ, Jelly!” Izzy snaps at me as she flinches. Jelly, by the way, is me. […]


Tomorrow I’ll Miss You

By Catey Miller

Joshua, Texas is officially a Ghost Town. We exceeded the legal limit for the ghost-to-people ratio last night. It’s not a big deal—it’s not like you can do much to drive a ghost out, or threaten one; no one’s doing violence to them, obviously. But in most cases […]


The Last Good Thing

By S. Alexander

“Hey, Adam. New shoes?”

The sound of Naomi’s voice cutting into the quiet of my back-yard scares the ever-loving shit out of me.

“Jesus.” I startle, grabbing onto the rusty chain of the old swing I’m sitting idle on so I don’t fall. I’ve been poking at a huge-ass blister on my heel and it feels like an intrusion on an oddly private moment between me and my foot. […]



By Lauren Wiser

The summer I turned seventeen was my second year lifeguarding at the Village Pool in Millstadt, Illinois, and I still hadn’t saved anyone. Kurt Zoller claimed he saved someone, once— a young girl trying to reach the bottom of the twelve-foot—but Kurt was in college and had worked there much longer. I mostly just sat around on the stand […]


Asian Cinderella

By Linda M.C. Nguyen

My dad was a stern believer that I shouldn’t date until I was done with school and had what he called a stable job. By job, he secretly hoped I would become a medical doctor. So imagine my dilemma when a handsome boy suddenly asked me to prom. I told my parents I was going with a group of friends instead.

Then, to make matters worse, Dad offered to drive me to prom. […]


A Plea for Anna

Kerri thinks Anna is the big hero of Disney’s blockbuster hit, and thinks all the attention paid to Elsa is pretty darn unfair. What do you think?

[…] just like every other preschool parent who was dumb enough to make the music available in her car, I can now sing every single song in my sleep. All this quality time with the story has afforded me many opportunities to reflect on it […]


Silk and Light Tricks

A short short by high school junior Nicole Mueller

Among the back rooms and dusty halls of the city, a phenomenon had been growing. There were never flyers pinned up or articles in the paper to advertise as other acts had. No, rather word of mouth carried the renown of the show.

The magician was famous for spectacular feats performed worldwide. […]


Sunday Brunch & Pretty Little Teacup

By Keri Lindenmuth

Pretty Little Teacup

pretty little tea

sitting on your



Writing What You Know vs. Writing What You Want to Know

YARN is psyched to have this essay by veteran novelist Liz Fichera, who has something important to share with all of us about writing, diversity, revision, and finding the humanity in your characters.

[…] Something you should know: I am neither a teen nor Native. In fact, on the surface, my background differs greatly from Fred’s. Below the surface, however, I found that while developing and writing Fred, we were more alike than I realized. […]


Rules, rules, rules!

Of all people, our teen Reader, Rachel Troy, supports a pretty old-school approach to writing. But she still loves Jackson Pollock. FInd out more.

[…] Jack the Dripper broke all the rules and cashed in on the results. But what some forget is that Pollock attended Los Angeles’ Manual Arts High School where he learned basic art skills. […]

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