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Fathered-Less by Javoun Baker
I don’t even come home anymore dad,//
I learned that same thing from you […]


Nocturnal Paramour

Nocturnal Paramour by teen poet, Sydney Bebon
She was careful not to startle the smoke //
scared of what she might see […]


3 Poems by Rebekah Jacobson

Three poems by teen poet, Rebekah Jacobson

Junior Year

And so now //
we feel like forever //
electrified immortality […]


Nana Prayed, Weather Sensitive

Two poems by Jacqueline Jules

Weather Sensitive

I am too often surprised //
when my mood plunges //
with moisture from the sky. […]


3 Poems by Izzi Riggs

Three poems by Izzi Riggs

Tell Me Something

[…] In the balance of wings, //
the hole in the globe seems to heal. //
I can go home.


3 Poems by Anna Wang

Three poems by teen poet, Anna Wang

shrimp shells in florida

handmade spring rolls, flaking //
from insides and unpeeled like //
haste on our tongues […]


Poem to the Disco Cruise Boat

Poem to the Disco Cruise Boat by teen writer, Madeleine Quirk
Oh, satin eyelid, clairvoyant usher of seasons, //
will you never grow tired? […]



Suffocation by Shirley Jones-Luke
History is a weight that makes my back ache […]



Oculus by teen writer, Cassidy Bishop
My corneas have dissolved //
My irises have melted //
And my lenses have evaporated. […]


He dies, and I wait until the room realizes

He dies, and I wait until the room realizes by teen writer, Abigail Sylvor Greenberg
And she invites us through //
Euphemic brown lips //
To say our goodbyes […]


Outtakes from “White Rose”

Our very own poetry editor shares two outtakes from her debut YA novel-in-verse, “White Rose.” Happy reading!

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