Celebrating YARN Alums

We wanted to highlight some of the new YA novels some of our fantastic alums have released in 2018. Perhaps one of these would be perfect for someone on your holiday shopping list!


National Poetry Month Surprise!

As National Poetry Month draws to a close, we have a big surprise that might or might not include … a giveaway!


Good. Grief.

Our staffer Lourdes, the only one who’s been with YARN since its very beginning, writes here very movingly of what it was like to read YA after her mother died. It’s quite a tribute to the genre we all love here at YARN, but more importantly to the woman Lourdes loved so deeply and had to let go.


A Writing Vacation

Fiction Editor Diana Renn–and travel mystery writer extraordinaire–went to London intending to scribble away in her journal. And what did she come with? Not a single word. But that’s okay! Find out why.


On Spoken Word Poetry

To go with our spoken word poem VIDEO this week (“Transition to the Real World,” by Terese Mason Pierre), Poetry Reader Justin muses on the form, reflecting on what it’s like to find your own voice amidst noisy others…and find a community as well.

[…] The first time Dad commanded me to read, I naturally begin to do so quietly to myself, as I had been indoctrinated from all my years of noiseless reading […]


A woman, a plan, a vacation: GREECE!

Our very own Diana Clark discusses the disappointment she felt on being accepted to a writing program in Greece, then having to decline for financial reasons…. But then, putting her nose firmly to the grindstone for another year, she was able to attain her goal (and, we hope, a tan!).


NPM Recap from our new Poetry Editor

A little National Poetry Month recap from our excellent new Poetry Editor, Kip Wilson Rechea!


Prioritizing Writing: A Balancing Act

YARN Reader Diana Clark gives 5 tips for finding the time and space to write in a post-college life crowded with commitments. It’s great advice for aspiring writers of any age!

[…] Since graduating college, I’ve struggled to find time to write. There are no immediate deadlines, no prompts or workshops to guide me in my self-discipline. Up until very recently, I worked fifty-five hours […]


My Idol’s Trash Can

Kerri gets the trash can of her dreams–the one that Julia Glass threw all her “bad ideas” in!

[…] I screwed up my courage and went over to Julia, stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Kerri Majors, and I want your trash can.”

Thankfully, she laughed.

And we talked a little. […]


See You In … April!!

Kerri explains why YARN will take a longer-than-usual break starting this summer.

[…] As usual, as warm June turns to hot July, we are taking a break on publishing new material. This time, though, instead of returning in September, we are going to return in April 2015, reopening for another terrific National Poetry Month, and publishing all the way through Summer 2015! […]


A Plea for Anna

Kerri thinks Anna is the big hero of Disney’s blockbuster hit, and thinks all the attention paid to Elsa is pretty darn unfair. What do you think?

[…] just like every other preschool parent who was dumb enough to make the music available in her car, I can now sing every single song in my sleep. All this quality time with the story has afforded me many opportunities to reflect on it […]

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