Rules, rules, rules!

Of all people, our teen Reader, Rachel Troy, supports a pretty old-school approach to writing. But she still loves Jackson Pollock. FInd out more.

[…] Jack the Dripper broke all the rules and cashed in on the results. But what some forget is that Pollock attended Los Angeles’ Manual Arts High School where he learned basic art skills. […]


Be Inspired!

Our Poetry Assistant Sarah thinks about what stopped her from writing poetry, and what inspired her to start again. It will DEFINITELY inspire you.

[…] The days and weeks passed. The contest deadline was upon me. And what had I written?


I was at a loss. […]


When a Writer Becomes a Reader: Lourdes on the Harry-Ron-Hermione debate

[…] However, I wonder: At what point can writers become readers of their own works? […]


Nostalgic Nancy Drew

Our latest addition to the masthead, high school junior Rachel Troy, gives us some clues about why Nancy Drew remains her fave heroine.

[…] Nancy struck the perfect balance between adventure and safety, so as not to tempt her legions of readers to try crazy things at home. She would stumble upon hidden passageways in old mansions, […]


Thank you, Lindsey Vonn

Sad about Lindsay Vonn? Don’t care? Would you be sad if John Green didn’t have a new book in the works? Kerri’s not sure….

I saw a headline the other day (and I can’t find it now—sorry!), bemoaning the loss of Lindsey Vonn to the 2014 US Olympic Team, because she was the most recognizable face on it. […]


Commit to Your Writing Now! … And Later.

Inspired by a recent upset at YARN, Kerri lets you all in on a big secret of her earlier writing life.

[…] I’m not going to get all goodie-two-shoes on you and say that I learned to take the attention as a compliment; because I didn’t. Instead, I learned that to be a writer, I had to find the strength […]


Growing Up With YA

Lourdes does some heavy soul-searching in response to Malinda Lo’s “Unpacking Why Adults Read YA Fiction,” and makes some excellent points about her Millennial generation while confessing her own reasons for loving YA. Required Reading!

[…] reading YA has not stunted my growth. I am not magnetized by YA because I am a millennial. It is my reality because I feel the humanity in these stories. […]


“Summer Days, Drifting Away…”

Kerri thinks back on this summer and the last, and finds herself thinking ahead…as usual.

For the last 4 summers, my family and I have traveled about an hour north of our home to spend some quality time in leafy, beachy, beautiful York Harbor, Maine. The tradition started when I was pregnant […]


If you do nothing else this summer…

Kerri wants you to read, read, read this summer, especially in the spirit of last summer’s BFSRE.

[…]Because really….few things are better than and iced beverage and great book on a hot summer afternoon. And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing […]


A Fiction Editor’s Advice

Just in time to inspire you to write and SUBMIT to YARN this summer, Fiction Editor Diana Renn has some excellent tips for you. … and don’t forget to check out Diana’s globetrotting YA mystery Tokyo Heist!

[…] I’ve also loved reading the fiction submissions. We have an amazing team of readers to help us manage everything. Everything sent to YARN goes by at least three readers. I also look at every single story that comes in. I love seeing […]


Goodbye: A Balancing Act

It’s with real sadness that YARN posts this final blog by Julia Wang, our fantastic Editorial Assistant. We will miss her, and wish her well!

[…] Before I go, I do have a question to pose to all you writers out there. You see, lately, certain aspects have taken up (and will continue to take up) a lot of my time, and I’ve been having trouble “finding the time” for writing. […]

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